30th May | Fleece

Frankie Cosmos (AKA Greta Kline; AKA Ingrid Superstar; AKA Little Bear; AKA Zebu Fur) is touring the UK and Europe following the release of her third album, Vessel. After the success of her second album, Next Thing, Frankie’s most recent release was snapped up by legendary indie label Sup Pop (Nirvana; The Shins; Band of Horses), known for their contemplative counter-culture vibe and their impeccable roster.

In Vessel, Cosmos combines a DIY shoegaze feel with soft personable vocals to give the New York act’s sound a rough, artsy sincerity. Kline floats over this with a collection of well-crafted, borderline twee, stream-of-consciousness lyrics, or dare we say tweem-of-consciousness lyrics (we probably shouldn’t), imbuing a sense of joy and vulnerability to an often angry and frustrated genre. They’ve been on something of a hot streak, of late, leaving a trail of sold-out shows in their wake and the announcement of a forthcoming support slot for Glasgow giants, Belle & Sebastian.

Their gig at the end of the month in one of Bristol’s longest-standing showcases, The Fleece, may well be one of their last at this sort of medium-sized venue. The Fleece is known as something of a precursor to larger success, with Radiohead, Nirvana, Amy Winehouse and Jeff Buckley all gracing its stage long before becoming household names.

See the video for ‘Jesse’ here: