It’s not often that you go on a night out and end up coming home with more than you arrived with. Yeah you might have some fliers stuffed in your pocket, maybe someone else’s lighter, but generally you leave with your pockets a lot lighter than when you arrived. Well, The House Clearance House Party look to change that.

Taking place in The Lanes on 23rd September, HCHP runs on a very simple premise: every track played must be given away. The DJ’s will be spinning funk, soul, Motown and disco classic 7” singles all night, and when a song ends, the vinyl has to be given away to someone in the crowd.

The hosts, two vinyl hoarding DJs Tim and Aaron, have accumulated a massive collection of incredible 7”s over the years and so need to get rid of them. They must be doing something right, because HCHP has already sold out four nights in London. Don’t worry, the duo claim that every track is a banger (although they do apparently own 30 copies of Michael Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop till You Get Enough’ so it could just be that on repeat).

Check out more about the party here and listen to ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ 30 times below: