Freya Ridings // Photoset

13th March | SWX

Cast your mind back to early December. You (or someone in your household that doesn’t retch at the concept of televised sport) are watching Sports Personality of the Year. It’s Sunday evening. You’re not relishing the working week ahead. You have a drink of something indulgent in your hand and you’ve already opened all the snacks you bought in order to ‘stockpile for Christmas’. Before you know it, you’re weeping and snotting into your Twiglets. Why? Freya Ridings. They’ve only gone and got her to play ‘Lost Without You’ live during the video montage of all the dear departed from the sporting world in 2018. Such agonising beauty. Sure beats the emotion of when it was played on Love Island.

Those who headed up the stairs into SWX on Wednesday night were ready to be tested on the ‘I’ve just got something in my eye’ front. The kind of music that Freya Ridings composes demands precision. There is nowhere to hide, so it’s a damn good job that she’s so damn good. Michael Brumby was there – with a camera in his eye.

See Freya Ridings play ‘Lost Without You’ live on the BBC here: