13th March | The Crofters Rights

Across five albums of deeply personal and colourful music, Detroit-based group Frontier Ruckus have cemented themselves as having a consummate ability in crafting embracing and pronounced narratives that grow to accept and understand the circadian nature of life. Their fifth, and latest record Enter The Kingdom delves into the overwhelming nature of paving your own way through life’s many pitfalls and learning curves, and as much as you want to hold onto the childhood exuberance of naivety at least for a while longer, within you hold an undeterred sadness that has been set within since growing up and its too difficult to ignore. Now touring the record, the group are able to present perhaps their most passionately genuine and deeply enchanting songs live at The Crofters Rights this Monday.

What allows Frontier Ruckus’ deeply heartfelt accounts to leave their mark even deeper is the way in which the music that carries it is spiritually poignant and harmonically beautiful. Recent singles ‘Our Flowers Are Still Burning’ and ’27 Dollars’ are brimming with melodically emotional undertones and unquestionably intelligent, witty turns that are blink and you’ll miss them moments that you can’t help return to. When the hopefully never-ending melodies seamlessly brew from within the title track’s quaint foundations, you’ll want to capture the moment and place it within a scrapbook of nostalgic memories – the sort that Frontier Ruckus have been picturing all this time.

Watch the video for ‘Our Flowers Are Still Burning’ below.