Fur // Photoset

16th February | Rough Trade

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘fur’? Cute puppies? That fungus that grows on manky plums? The way people from West Lancashire pronounce ‘fair’? Those present at Rough Trade on Saturday night will have already arrived thinking of the softly fleecy indie of Murray, Zwaig, Tav and Flynn – Brighton’s FUR, but will have returned home enlivened and refreshed from the comforting charm of their songs.

Listening to FUR makes you feel like you belong in a different, possibly more desirable generation. Listening to them in Rough Trade’s darkened Live Room gives you a smidgeon of a hint of being somewhere like The Cavern Club in the early 60s. Theirs is definitely feel-good music that needs fans within arms length. To see the whites of their eyes and the white of their smiling teeth, whilst hearing their spritely musicianship, makes for an exciting viewing experience.

See the video for ‘Him and Her’ here: