24th September | Exchange

Brighton has never been a town to shy away from its artistic pulse. Known nationwide for its heady recipe of hedonism and bohemia, it would seem all too fitting for its musical culture to reflect the same airs and graces as its historical memory. Of course, the blistering 60s scent of FUR lives up to this hype.

You’ve probably come across this quartet, whispered throughout the music media, or rustles of their DIY ethos. No label, no PR, no suits. Yet still garnering millions of streams from the weight of their work alone. The sweet and viscous haze of their uniquely-blended psychedelic dream-pop is indeed nothing particularly new, though FUR seem to shine where many of their contemporaries often fall flat. There is a pulse and a heart beneath their image, an emotive force amidst their gimmick and a clear and concise ability to take inspiration past imitation.

February’s FUR EP solidified this band’s reputation amongst the independent scene in a wistful five-track run, proving spectacularly that the hype around the outfit was not misplaced. Now gearing up for an autumnal jaunt across the UK, it really would be a shame to miss out on an intimate evening with a band that have surely set their sights on the stars.