3rd May | O2 Academy

Wing Dam, the supporting Baltimore band, and old college friends of Future Islands opened up the gig with an inauspicious start with lead guitarist Austin Tally snapping a string two notes into the first song. This was a minor set-back and the three-piece filled the venue with their grungy/rock sound providing quite the contrast to the headline act.

As Future Islands approach the stage a rapture of excitement ensues while bodies emerge from the shadows and it seems that the die-hard fans would lie down and become the stage itself if they could, just to be closer to their idols.

Opening with the fantastic ‘Back in the Tall Grass’, from the equally fantastic album Singles, the band are immediately in full flow with front man Sam Herring utilizing every area of the stage. Those new to the band may confuse his energetic display with a comedic performance but this is not the case. The man is just so full of emotion and that is reflected not only in his lyrics but the unique form of interpretive dance that gained the band so much attention after the famous Letterman appearance all those moons ago.

With such a vast repertoire to select from we were treated to a range of new and old material pulling from The Far Field, Singles, In Evening Air and On The Water – providing a set list that gives the crowd what they want, when they want it.

The overwhelming atmosphere in the room is a sensation every fan of this band needs to experience as Sam Herring becomes possessed by the music and even falls off the stage at one point; considering the dance moves the man has it actually surprises me this is only the first time in 1072 shows that this has happened.

Classic chest-beating and delightfully sexy dancing (I challenge anyone to not get aroused) combined with driving bass lines and a chorus of synth make this one hell of a show. The final four songs before the encore being ‘Seasons’, ‘Long Flight’, ‘Tin Man’ and ‘Spirit’ I couldn’t think of a better way to finish unless they played ‘Little Dreamer’ – this is of course the final song of the four song encore.

The band is personable, unassuming and hard working, managing a break so deep into their career allows them to maintain the connection with their audience; they are a testament to perseverance because, after all, ‘it’s not easy just being human’.

Check out ‘Ran’ below.