Future Islands | Preview


With Future Islands‘¬†album ‘Singles’ a strong continuum of their previous releases, all that’s left to witness is their live show.

After they performed on Letterman they blew up to very mixed reviews. Marmite? Maybe, though I feel that to hate a band like Future Islands is to be a bit hasty. Their exuberant nature may rub some pessimists up the wrong way, but once you put them in context one can appreciate or even learn to love this band.

Front man Samuel T. Herring is a sight to behold on stage, he clearly comes from a school of thought that has been lost on this island. He gives it everything he has. no matter how small the crowd, with his performance on Letterman no more enthused than that given to an audience of ten or so at Start The Bus a few years back.

The internet has paved the way for bedroom snobs and half-wit critics who may not believe the hype of many bands, but to see Future Islands is to believe. I’m excited for this gig because I know whats coming: A very good gig indeed.

Watch not infamous David Letterman video here: