7th September | Ashton Gate

From their formation a quarter of a century ago in the mists of 1993, in Madison, Wisconsin, Garbage have gone through the gamut of the rock band’s experience from brief break-up to reformation and are still around today to deliver their crossover heavy pop-rock sound.

Indeed, their sixth studio album, Strange Little Birds, was released two years ago and they’ve sold seventeen million albums worldwide since their eponymous debut, Garbage, in 1995. That first album launched the band into the international rock scene as a lyrically intriguing and innovative band, Scottish singer Shirley Manson’s darkly-captivating vocals rolling over the addictively strong melodies of her American bandmates.

This outing at Ashton Gate stadium is as part of their 20 Years Paranoid Tour to celebrate the twenty years since the release of their second album, Version 2.0, where they’ll play the album in its entirety. Expect a psychocandy of inescapable rhythms and hooks, Manson’s vocals leading the tuneful maelstrom.

They’ll be supported by the indie-grunge mix of former BLM cover stars, Scottish duo, Honeyblood and the garage-punk of Southend-on-Sea’s The Horrors, returning to Bristol soon after their recent Dot To Dot Festival headline slot.

See the video for ‘Special’ from Version 2.0 here: