28th April | Thekla

I watched Gengahr play a year ago, playing material from their album, A Dream Outside, and new material from a forthcoming release. Then time passed and I all but forgot that a new album was on the horizon. That was until October 2017, when the release date was announced and I was once again revitalised, reliving the joy of their live performance and anticipating their album. Now, nearly three years on since that debut album was released, the long awaited Where Wildness Grows has finally arrived. Although unfortunate circumstances have placed some rather large bumps in the road, the final product is an album they can be proud of.

The London based four-piece all attended art school and positively teem with creativity that can be seen in their album artwork as well as their approach to song writing. They haven’t lost their unique style, in which they seamlessly blend sounds as they would colours on a canvas. Whilst providing a sound that we can emphatically identify as ‘Gengahr,’ they have branched out into something new with this new album, which you can hear live at Thekla on Saturday.

With the band only just finishing their European tour, it is clear to see they like to keep themselves busy by jumping straight into a string of U.K. dates. If you are looking for an exhilarating ‘sonic wind tunnel’ sound, then this psychedelic indie-rock quartet are definitely for you.

See the video for ‘Before Sunrise’ here: