23rd November | The Louisiana

Better late than never. The London four-piece arrive on stage almost a half hour later than planned and the crowd resort to chanting as they push through a sea of people to get on stage. Yup, that would be the Louisiana they are playing at – the venue which doesn’t have a separate artist entrance – it is great in terms of intimacy and sound, but I couldn’t help but feel it wasn’t quite right for Gengahr.

Despite the crowded venue and the muggy heat, it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and the boys are extremely welcoming: “It’s good to be back, Bristol” – frontman Felix Buche shouts and indeed it has been over a year since they’ve graced their presence to us Bristolians. A busy summer for the band after touring with rockers Wolf Alice but it was still evident that they still had bags of energy as they opened with a new track ‘Mallory’.

‘Mallory’ paved way for the newer songs as the setlist was predominantly tracks that haven’t been released yet. Buche is aware that this may not be to everyone’s taste, revealing that only a few released tracks will be played and the focus is on finding out from the fans what they think of the songs, a test run as you will. We were not disappointed – there was no shortage of their well known electronic riffs but it did not go unnoticed that the focus was more on the instruments than the vocals for the newer songs.

Buche doesn’t beat around the bush as he informs they won’t be doing an encore due to the inability to move freely through the crowd, much to the crowd’s dismay. Finishing with fan favourites ‘She’s A Witch’ and ‘Powder’- it was a dreamy end to a fantastic set.

It’s an understatement to say that the crowd were more than impressed with the set, the cocktail of both newer and older tracks took us on a trance journey whilst not sending us to sleep. Energetic brilliance from Gengahr once again, their live presence is infectious and captivating and i have no doubt they can translate it into the studio.

When asked the release date of the new album, Felix Buche responded with “How long is a piece of string?” A strong speculation that we can expect the album in the early months of 2017 is looking very likely.

Check out the video for ‘She’s A Witch’ below.