23rd November | Loco Klub

Giant Swan‘s approach to techno can be described as more like that of a live band, with the group quoted as saying if “no-one’s feeling it” they’ll change the direction their set is headed on the fly.

Everything that makes the duo’s performance so exciting to watch can be seen in their 2018 Southbank Centre Boiler Room set. A largely improvised set of hard, punk-attitude techno is played in the centre of the venue, surrounded by a crowd that begins the mix politely nodding their heads and filming the action with their iPhone, then forty minutes later sees them skin-on-skin with the DJs and fist-pumping like lunatics. Bristol’s Giant Swan have carved their name into the crowded local music scene by frequently delivering this sort of experience to their fans.

This November, the duo is hitting up their hometown for the first time in over a year to launch their debut album. The gig sold out quickly, showing they have a rabid fan base quick to ensure themselves a piece of the destructively fun power of the deconstructed DJ sets that Giant Swan piece together. If in attendance, expect rattling industrial undercurrents through loud, aggressive and noisy techno, and a river of sweat.

See the video for ’55 Year Old Daughter’ here: