So what’s the plan for the start of 2019, then? Dry January? Veganuary? Januhairy? Whether you’re going sober, plant-based or hirsute, or whether you’ve committed to some other simple act of simple self-improvement, if you’re improving your life, make sure you factor in the odd bit of live music. You can’t beat the energy of the bands, the community of the fans and the chance to sing at the the top of your lungs without being heard. Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2019. Here are our first Gigs of the Week, and we’re already spoiled for choice.

Thursday 10th January

Miss Kill

Miss Kill + Droogs + Lebo MJ + Sylvia Daley + Elphie + Dominic Jackson + Arthur Foulstone – Mothers Ruin

Twins, Alannah and Felicity Jackson perform under the singular moniker of Miss Kill. Take a wild guess how placid and demure they aren’t. Listening to the rumbling grunge of their Love, Loss & Rejection EP, you might briefly wonder whether Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love had any additional, secret offspring. More here…

Friday 11th January

Poisonous Birds

Poisonous Birds + Emily Isherwood + Rushforth (DJ) + Rosebud – Louisiana

Be Softly present their first live promotion, in the shape of experimental electronic/rock  duo, Poisonous Birds. Last year saw them release the EPs, Big Water and Dirty Water, which they categorised in an interview with Will Perkins for the August edition as music that deliberately ‘challenges’ the audience. Take the challenge this January. It’s well worth it. More here…

Grumpysnorlax + Saro + Saaaz – Glitch

His name might have you thinking about some character from long-established children’s literature, like a Dr Seuss character or something from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’. The laid-back boom-bap of US beat maker, Grumpysnorlax is a wondrous testament of what you can do with a small portable synthesiser and burning desire to chill. More here…

Saturday 12th January

Rae Spoon

Rae Spoon + respectfulchild + Suggested Friends + Leilah Jane King + Rosehip Teahouse – Exchange

“Should I be a man or a woman? What does that really mean?” sings Calgary’s Rae Spoon on ‘Do Whatever The Heck You Want’. An award-winning author, speaker and musician, Spoon’s mix of folk and electronica is rich with lyrics that raise important issues about LGBTQ and non-binary identities. There are plenty of things you could exercise your liberties to do on Saturday, but few as good as this. More here…

Katie Pham & The Moonbathers + Oranj Son + Silent Cities + A Standard Model – Café Kino

To soundtrack an exhibition of art by Soft Geometry (Chris Nicholls) over three nights from Friday to Sunday at Café Kino, you can hear some fine acts, the pick of which has to be Katie Pham & The Moonbathers on Saturday night. They describe themselves as “making surfy and sad guitar music for weirdos and plants.” We love weird. More here…

Sunday 13th January

Abstract Typography + The Shuks + Gum Soul – Louisiana

Imagine garage rock with a smattering of jangle, or slacker shoegaze, where the indie rock luxuriates warmly under a gauzy duvet of fuzz, and you have the main strains of what you can hear from Midsomer Norton’s Abstract Typography. 2018’s Dawn Chorus EP was the sort of release that you could happily wake up to any day of the week. More here…

Tuesday 15th January

Faye Webster

Faye Webster – Louisiana

Folk, country, 70s soft rock and a few hip-hop stylings combined might sound unwieldy or unfeasible, but Faye Webster brings them together as smoothly as the ice skater on her video to ‘Kingston’ and as colourfully as the flamingos among whom she tries to blend in. The American state of Georgia has been generous to music listeners over the years, and it looks like it’s adding to that legacy with Faye. More here…

Last Hyena + Hexcut + eachOne + Foster and Found – Crofters Rights

This show, put on by ding records, is billed as the first ‘dingNight’ of a forthcoming series of shows. It’s themed as ‘punk to post’, the intention being that the music will soften as the night progresses. Bristol’s Last Hyena will blend math- and post-rock to conclude proceedings, including ‘I Remember The Future’, which has proggy leanings towards the past. More here…

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Rough Trade

With their new album, De Facto, coming out on Friday 11th, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete bring their synth-psych to Rough Trade a few days later. You’d be hard pressed to believe that the immersive soundscape created is just the work of two people, but this creative collaboration that took shape in Guadalajara, Mexico, truly has proven to be a meeting of minds. More here…

Wednesday 16th January

Go-Kart Mozart

Go-Kart Mozart + The Flux Capacitors – Exchange

Much as ‘new music’ is our point of focus, we also love those whose unapologetic individuality has allowed them to keep it weird, yet wonderful for a while. This week’s list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Go-Kart Mozart. He may have been around for decades now, in bands such as Felt and Denim, but he’s still putting out refreshing releases, like last year’s Mozart’s Mini-Mart. More here…


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