A week is a long time in music. In twenty-four hours, you could play the archetypal ‘3.30’ (anyone for Sylvan Esso?) song over 400 times. You might fancy sleeping, eating and actually talking to people somewhere in that time frame, but you can’t deny that the possibilities are huge. As has been regularly proven by a particular, meticulous music devotee in Bristol, there’s genuinely room for several gigs in any one evening. Keeping World Mental Health Day in focus, let our Gigs of the Week point you towards some music to nurture your soul.

Thursday 11th October

Party Fears

Party Fears + Miss Kiss + We Hate Roses – Hydra Bookshop

What are your biggest party fears? Turning up in fancy dress and realising that your mate’s text was a wind-up? Forgetting the moves when ‘Watch Me Whip/ Nae Nae’ by Silento comes on? Irish art-pop-meets-garage, formed in Korea and based in Berlin, Party Fears will give you big choruses and the confidence to dance like no-one’s looking. More here…

Crywank + Kermes + Yr Poetry + Knowbetter – The Lanes

Mancunian anti-folk band, Crywank are remarkably unapologetic about their name, so don’t even start. Just listen to their music. There’s something of the absurdity of Half Man Half Biscuit and all of the observational insight of John Cooper Clarke. Probably not an ideal ‘first date’ gig, unless the person you’re dating is bloody awesome, that is. More here…

Friday 12th October


Wasuremono + Emily Isherwood – Louisiana

Just when you think they’ve peaked for 2018 with a headline show at The Louisiana, Wasuremono only go and declare support slots with Phosphorescent at unbelievable venues. January’s Something Left Behind spawned a Maida Vale session, a Lamacq interview and support slots with The Flaming Lips. They may be in ‘pinch yourself’ territory, but it’s well deserved.  More here…

Saturday 13th October

Ålesund + Agata + Holysseus Fly – Church of St John The Baptist

You have to have a soft spot for a band who selects a venue for their single launch (for ‘Shift and Flux’) based on natural acoustics and beautiful visual aesthetics. An atmospheric space, off Broad Street and just under the arch on Nelson Street, will be filled with the splendour of Ålesund. They sold the church out in their first gig, so there’s no sense in being slow off the mark for this show. More here…


Hookworms + Luke Abbott + Sink Ya Teeth – SWX

Consistent mental-health advocates (and bloody grand synth-rockers), Hookworms, make their second visit to Bristol of the year, after their earlier Rough Trade show. The possibility for booming and shaking the room goes up several notches at SWX, but with their 2018, Mercury-Music-jury-evading album, Microshift, they will do so with subtly-infectious craftsmanship.  More here…

Annabel Allum – Crofters Rights

Here’s another artist whose 2018 has brought greater prominence. Off the back of a busy and popular festival season, Annabel Allum fronts her own headline tour for the first time. You’re guaranteed some raw and powerful lyrical honesty. Her most recent EP was entitled, Sorry I’m Not Perceptible. You’d be deaf or daft not to notice Annabel.  More here…

Sunday 14th October

Weird Milk + Vinegar + Naima Bock – Crofters Rights

We’re far more used to walking into our local purveyor of food and not simply buying a six-pinter of cow juice nowadays, but it’s not that long ago that anyone offering you flax, almond or hemp milk with your coffee would receive a look somewhere between confusion and stark disapproval. London-based baroque-pop chaps, Weird Milk, ought to give you that look you get when you sniff the freshly-opened coffee packet. More here…

Monday 15th October

Barney Artist

Barney Artist + Twizzy + Billy WhizZ – AFT Raps + Jinxta JX – Rough Trade

He’s been on a track in Fifa 19. There can’t be too many more enviable achievements amongst the modern youth. When you can append a song title like ‘Good To Be Home’ with (feat. Loyle Carner, Tom Misch and Rebel Kleff) then it must be a rather good time to be Barney Artist. Colston Hall bring the joy to Rough Trade on Sunday night. More here…

Superorganism + Chai – SWX

When a band is as quirky as Superorganism most definitely is, you’re faced with a discerning choice. Is it affectation and well-thought-out marketing, or are they just batshit crazy? The more you encounter this strange pseudo-family of international all-comers, the more it becomes clear that their brand of lunacy is organic. And if it’s organic, it’s good for you, right? More here…

Tuesday 16th October

Frankie Stew Harvey Gunn
Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn

Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn – Rough Trade

So many promo shots for Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn depict them sitting down or leaning on stuff. I guess that it’s not as easy to photograph people lying down, but there’s something horizontal about their music, as well as the on-the-wonk world view that they present. They’ve sold out Rough Trade with their laid-back hip-hop. Expect whatever the excited opposite of a frenzy is. More here…

IDLES + Heavy Lungs – SWX

So, there’s this band called IDLES, right? They’re pretty good, honest. Saw them singing a song about the NHS last time I caught them live. No, they’re not like Billy Bragg. There’s one on the new album about loving yourself. No, not like that. Bloody Bieber analogies are redundant, too. What are they like? Loud. Forthright. Compassionate. Keep an eye on these. I reckon they could go far.  More here…

Art School Girlfriend + Soot Sprite – Hy-Brasil

Polly Mackey has come a long way since she left Wrexham for the big smoke many years ago – partly in a literal sense (she ended up in Margate) and partly in a musical sense, having gone through different performing identities before settling on Art School Girlfriend. If the claustrophobic electronica of ‘Distance (Blank)’ is anything to go by, she’s blatantly hit upon a winning formula. More here…


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