So we have come to our final Gigs of the Week this year. 2019’s been an absolute blast though. Some truly incredible acts have left us with an abundance of fond memories. A few have even been back within the space of those twelve months, which has made it all the sweeter.

And with sweet in mind, our selection here may well be the icing on the cake.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday 12th December

Give A Sh*t Xmas Homeless Benefit

Give A Sh*t Xmas Homeless Benefit – Marble Factory

Of course, whilst it’s always a pleasure to see Beak> and IDLES, let alone the two together, their combined charitable efforts supersede your typical night out shenanigans. So setting aside our excitement for the music, alcohol, raffles, and Martin Roberts as compère momentarily, this is a gentle reminder that there are many living on the street facing dire conditions with nowhere to go. In the holiday spirit, please give generously to the homeless charities this show is raising for, even if you didn’t snag a ticket. More here…

Also, don’t forget IDLES are DJ-ing at Exchange post-show (separate ticket required). More here…

Tennis System

Tennis System – The Mothers’ Ruin

Shout-out to this central pub venue, The Mothers’ Ruin have put on many of our favourite shows over the years. It therefore seems fitting that on a night when many haven’t scored tickets for an IDLES homecoming show, there’s still something on elsewhere to rock your socks. Tennis System from Los Angeles may well meet your needs. What the band lack in punch, they make up for it in heavy shoegaze squall. More here…

Wednesday 18th December

Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii – Rough Trade

Operating in tandem with her more prolific project Braids, Raphaelle Standell-Preston has been releasing music under the Blue Hawaii moniker since 2010, when the duo released a well-received, but critically muted EP Blooming Summer. Since then, three studio releases – including their 2012 break-out LP Untogether, and this year’s Open Reduction Internal Fixation – have remedied past oversight. If you’re unfamiliar with the project to date, now’s an ideal opportunity to get better acquainted. More here…

Thursday 19th December


Boris – Fleece

At last count, Boris have approximately 25-30 studio LPs to their name, depending on how one classes collaborations, expanded releases, and the like. But the tl;dr is Boris have made a lot of music. Whilst amp worshippers praise their experimentalism with feedback and drone music, and head-bangers crave their heavy, doom riffs, we can all appreciate that the band from Tokyo has stayed relevant in these scenes since the early nineties and continues to make impressive strides. More here…

Thought Forms

Thought Forms – Exchange Basement

After a short run of tenth anniversary shows celebrating their debut eponymous-titled LP in May, Thought Forms are back to close out the year with an intimate show in the Exchange Basement. It’s a perfect venue for a band that has a strong heritage in Bristol’s gig community, and the four-piece certainly won’t disappoint their fans in attendance.

More here…


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