Tokyo and Osaka get more of a look in than normal in this edition of Gigs of the Week and Friday’s selections have an unexpectedly dark common theme to them. It may also be the first time karaoke has made into our esteemed selection, albeit karaoke that involves the back catalogue of The Fall.

On a more serious note, if you are the human being who talked through Fenne Lily‘s set at London’s Moth Club the other day, claimed you were a music reviewer, then threw your pint over her merchandise (and you happen to be reading this), let’s just say that if someone gave you an enema, you could be buried in a matchbox, and leave it at that.

Thursday 12th April


Porches + Harvey Causon – Rough Trade
Aaron Maine, aka Porches, is only playing four UK dates as part of a quick-fire jaunt round Europe this month, so how fortunate we are that he is adding to Rough Trade’s burgeoning reputation as a venue that can provide far more than in-stores for Bristol. Since releasing Pool in 2016, Maine has taken his ethereal, electronic sound to new heights. You can look forward to the brooding and atmospheric developments from The House, Porches’ third full-length, released earlier this year. More here…

Trampolene + Himalayas + Sophie and the Giants + The Malarkey – Exchange
Trampolene‘s debut full-length, From Swansea To Hornsey landed in October of last year. That and support slots for The Libertines and for Liam Gallagher have only furthered the appeal of this Swansea alt-rock trio. Front man, Jack Jones, is an accomplished poet, so they bring wit and wisdom, on top of a ton of welly. They sold out the Mothers Ruin in November; you can expect them to fill The Exchange, both with followers and with full-bodied emotion. More here…

Sugar Candy Mountain + Arno – Old England
There have been some fine acts promoted recently at The Old England through Stolen Body and Bristol Psych Fest, and Sugar Candy Mountain look set to provide yet another mind-bending night. You can’t get this kind of 60s, sun-blessed psychedelic bliss in a dour British April unless you have an aeroplane, or a time-machine, or the kind of pharmaceuticals that’ll get you into bother. Unless you go to The Old England on Thursday, that is. More here…

Minami Deutsch + Anthropophh – Lanes
‘Japanese Krautrock’ might seem an unusual phrase (is there anyone out there that plays Teutonic J-pop?) but Gravy Train are bringing Minami Deutsch to The Lanes on Thursday. Devotees of the motorik beat of Can and Neu!, Minami Deutsch love to loop (not in a Sheeran style) and layer as they build in intensity and distortion through synths and guitars. ‘Minami’ can mean ‘waves’ in Japanese. Let this bunch carry you away. More here…

Friday 13th April

Let's Eat Grandma
Let’s Eat Grandma

Let’s Eat Grandma – Lantern
Careful grammarians and committed OAP digesters, Let’s Eat Grandma, have been in no hurry to railroad us with releases since the success of their 2016 debut album, I, Gemini. Their experimental pop has drawn interest from collaborators on their forthcoming album, I’m All Ears, from producers SOPHIE and Faris Badwan. You have to wait until June for the album, but you only have to wait until Friday to say ‘Aha!’ to Norwich’s finest cultural exports. More here…

Eat Me + Penthouse + Hora Douse + Bad Idea + Quesadilla – Hydra Bookshop
Both of Friday 13th’s highlights have a potentially macabre culinary or gustatory connection. Folkestone’s Eat Me, have been described as being “Like a violent Hanson.” They are a fine example of the more anthemic, priapic school of indie rock that owes some of its legacy to the likes of Thin Lizzy and Kiss, but also draws inspiration from the likes of Dinosaur Jr and The Smashing Pumpkins. Eat Me are a four-headed beast, most apt to play in a venue named Hydra. More here…

Saturday 14th April

The Fallen Women – Exchange
The Fallen Women is an all-female, live Fall karaoke band, where the audience becomes Mark E Smith. They have recently had sold-out shows at The Lexington in London. They play the Exchange on Saturday night and will be donating 50% of profits to Bristol Drugs Project. So if you’ve ever harboured desires to be Mark E. Smith without scaring the bejesus out of your partner/kids/pets, here’s the perfect safe space in which to fulfil that unusual Stars In Their Eyes fantasy. More here…

Beachtape + Langkamer + Zebrafi – Crofters Rights
As anyone with sufficient funds and time plans to head to Brighton for The Great Escape, heading our way from Brighton are guitar-pop quartet, Beachtape. Their 2017 EP, Hold Music, does have the feel of Brighton (or basically Bristol by the sea). If you enjoyed The Magic Gang live the other week, you’ll appreciate the same upbeat, riff-laden jangle from these guys. Their track ‘Hot Dog Birthday Party’ is a multi-sensory experience in its own right. More here…

Monday 16th April


Wiki + 808INK– Thekla
Patrick ‘Wiki‘ Morales, grew up in the relative comfort of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Unlike many rappers, he does not launch bars from origins of struggle. Curiosity and observation seems to be his watch-words. In his youth, Wiki was eager to explore the more contentious ground of downtown Manhattan and all who dwelt there. That exploration and the contrast of perspectives shape Wiki’s careful, rounded, insightful perspective today. More here…

Tuesday 17th April

Fenne Lily – Thekla
On Hold went on sale on 6th April. For Fenne Lily, waiting for that album to be set free, so that it could subsequently soar, seems to be the only thing that’s been on hold in recent times. We’ve heard her on Aldous Harding’s 2017 album, we saw her headline the Chiverin showcase in Independent Venue Week and if we’re going to a top-notch festival in the summer, you can bet she’s on the bill. Put your plans for Tuesday on hold and snap up one of the remaining tickets right now. More here…

Wednesday 18th April

Queen Zee
Queen Zee and the Sasstones

Queen Zee and the Sasstones + Tropic + The Gin Birkins – Crofters Rights
Liverpool punk, Queen Zee, doesn’t so much as court controversy as craft it. That’s just one of the admirable qualities of Queen Zee and the Sasstones, alongside an indomitable party spirit. They combine the frothiest pop sound with an angry, hardcore punk thump that ought to confuse the hell out of your tiny mind, but it actually serves to set it free and open it up. Frequently (unfairly) labelled as an issues-wielding band, compassion and tolerance ring out as their primary concerns. More here…

Shonen Knife + The Ramonas – Exchange
Part two of this week’s incoming Sino-wave, Shonen Knife have been blasting out DIY garage rock since the early 80s. Their biggest super fan was Kurt Cobain, who invited them to support Nirvana in 1991, just before Nevermind went stratospheric. Best thought of as a female Ramones, a guise they have adopted in their time, you’ll also hear strains of bubblegum pop and 60s girl groups underpinning their punk sound and keeping sharp their cutting edge. More here…

Hinds + Horsey + Baywaves – Fleece
This Madrid group, and their music, are endearingly down-to-earth. Everyday humour suffuses their songs, whilst their new record, I Don’t Run, documents broken relationships, purging the emotion that such experiences bring, and ultimate survival. Hinds sound like they’ve made pretty much every mis-step you can manage in life, but from those personal and social stumblings, come pleasantly assured and reassuring songs. More here…


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