So much of the past week has been dominated by the idea of ‘coming home’ that you’d be forgiven for quite liking the idea of doing the opposite now that the lions have finished roaring, the attendees at the zoo have stopped cooing and we can build up our depleted reserves of hyperbole for another two years. This week, going out is the new coming home. Here’s where we suggest you might head.

Thursday 12th July

Yama Warashi

Yama Warashi – Arnolfini

Yama Warashi translates as ‘small, child-like spirit that lives in the mountains’. And if you’ve seen Yama Warashi before, you’ll know what an enchanting experience it is, with experimental sounds that seem to come from that bit of our world that we’re not sure exists. It’s folk-flecked dream-pop, with a dash of jazz. More here…

Friday 13th July

Langkamer + Blackaby + Kate Stapley + Vinegar – White Rabbit

If you enjoyed their debut track, ‘Racecar’, that we previewed in April, with its breezy stab at narcissism, then you ought to be looking forward to their EP launch at The White Rabbit on Friday night. Romantic yet jaded, clear-headed yet hungover, Langkamer’s countrified rock melodies navigate life’s challenging landscape wisely. More here…

Cagework + wych elm + Slonk – Rough Trade

What began as a solo project for front man, Samuel Bedford, while he was in other bands has grown into a mighty four-piece, starting to catch the ear of those that know what’s what. Their debut single, ‘Simmer’ was lauded by Huw Stephens. This was followed up last Friday by ‘Good Ideas’. Catch Cagework while they’re still playing smaller rooms. More here…

Common Palette + Tunnel Visions + School Disco + The Petties – Old England

If you fancy a warm-up for Preoccupations later in the week, this free gig at The Old England, headed by Bristol trio, Common Palette. Listening to them feels like one of those days of summer when the air feels thoroughly charged and tense and you just want the rain to come. Post-punk with a touch of Bauhaus, they sound like Shame’s gothic cousin. More here…

Saturday 14th July

Avec Sans

Avec Sans – Harbourside

Featured in the current edition of Bristol Live Magazine, Avec Sans grace the stage at Bristol Pride Day’s celebrations at the Harbourside on Saturday. They’re so up for bringing their brand of pop, lively with shards of contrasting melancholy that they decided to come out of their creative hibernation to play their only festival slot. You oughtn’t to need convincing to celebrate Pride, but if you do, re-read the previous two sentences. More here…

Brassick (Pride celebrations) – Canteen

As long as you’ve recovered from seeing them at Hell Hath No Fury Fest, then you ought to be ready for further exposure to West-Midlands hardcore punks, Brassick. Considering that ‘brassick’ is a slang term for having no cash, this one’s aptly a free show, but you’ll undoubtedly be paying in sweat when tracks like ‘Pelt’ kick in. More here…

Trembling Bells – The Cube

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1969. Just look for the entrance marked ‘doors of perception’ and step through into the glorious psych-folk yesterworld of Trembling Bells. 2018’s album, Dungeness, is far more beautiful than the power station with which it shares its name. Lavinia Blackwall’s plaintive cries on ‘I’m Coming’ are a thing of beauty. More here…

Sunday 15th July

The Naked and Famous

The Naked and Famous – Trinity

The vast majority of well-known people achieve notoriety through keeping their clothes on (amongst other things). The Naked and Famous are no exception. Their nakedness comes from the emotive power and vulnerability that they unashamedly present through their songs. Lyricial naturism? Aural streaking? You can’t help but pay attention. More here…

Vital Idles + Gork + Molly Linen – Hy-Brasil

Not to be confused with the vital sounds and vitality of our very own Idles, Glaswegian quartet, Vital Idles have recently released their debut album, Left Hand. In many ways akin to their half-namesakes, they construct brief, compelling tales of dysfunction, but with a spiky, post-punk minimalism that equally thrills and chills. More here…

Monday 16th July


Quantic – Trinity (Colston Hall Presents)

You want distraction? Progressive, hypnotic, limb-loosening sounds with diverse world influences? Quantic returns to Bristol with a full band in tow to give you every reason to dance like a crazy fool, especially through the rhythms influenced by his time living in Colombia. More here…

Tuesday 17th July

Preoccupations – Fleece

Changing their name to Preoccupations in 2015 seemed to sum up the essence of these lo-fi, art-rockers from Calgary, Canada. Deep thought and wide soundscapes are their thing. Recent track, ‘Disarray’ claims, “everything you’ve ever been told is a lie”. Remember that next time someone boldly states, ‘It’s coming home.’ More here…


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