Still managing to achieve peace on Earth and goodwill to all, or wanting to get on your donkey and go and hide in a stable somewhere? Here are our stellar Gigs of the Week. We reckon you should follow some of these.

Thursday 13th December


Vulnerable: Lowkey + Nadinne Dyen + More… – Arnolfini

Non-Christmas rapping from activist Lowkey fronts this evening of music, poetry and discussion that explores a concept that’s been embraced well in 2018 – vulnerability. There’s electronic music and spoken word performance from Nadinne Dyen as well as further panel discussion and q&a, including author Nikesh Shukla. More here…

Miho Hatori + Orryx- Café Kino

The Grey Area brings Miho Hatori (Noodle from Gorillaz) to Café Kino. Hatori is a natural experimentalist and a restlessly creative force. As well as her Gorillaz work, she featured on several Beastie Boys tracks. She was a pillar of the now-defunct Cibo Matto. If you’re not sufficiently insane in the membrane from hearing Shakin Stevens twice an hour, head on to this cracker. More here…

Friday 14th December

Tess Parks

Tess Parks + Emily Isherwood + Perfect Body – Rough Trade

Impressing Creation Records’ Alan McGee has to be a good move, especially in a musical sense (rather than him admiring your ability to recite Pi to three hundred decimal places). Whether alongside Brian Jonestown Massacre front man, Anton Newcombe or performing solo, Tess Parks evokes smoky shades of bygone decades. Put some Summer of Love into your winter of discontent. More here…

Flying Lotus + Iglooghost + Lapalux – Marble Factory

There’s plenty to get excited about at The Marble Factory on Friday night. Firstly, it’s Friday night, but more importantly, legendary Brainfeeder boss, Flying Lotus will perform his brand-new 3D show. That’s blatantly enough to fill your stockings, but support from the irresistible Lapalux and Iglooghost ought to make them overflow with joy. More here…

Lux + La Llàgrima + MOLAR + No Pulse + Glib – Stag and Hounds

Lux means ‘light’ in Latin. Lux was a brand of soap powder. Lux Interior was the gloriously lewd dude in The Cramps. They’re also a ferociously-tuneful punk band from Barcelona who certainly have the spirit of the latter. There’s an ominous, shadowy touch and a pleasant patina of scuzz atop their self-titled 2017 album. More here…

Saturday 15th December

Bodega Sisters

Bodega Sisters + Langkamer + Vinegar + Swallow Cave – Crofters Rights

We gave you a first listen to another fine release on Breakfast Records from Swedish band, Bodega Sisters recently. That track, ‘Clicks/Cliques’ forms part of the Small Worships, Other Noises EP, which receives its official launch at The Crofters Rights. You may well feel like the festive season has finally taken off when their wall of sound and swirling synths hit you. More here…

One More Tour – A Tribute to Dan Wild-Beesley – Old England

2018 was the year that we lost Dan Wild-Beesley of Cleft. Proof that love is stronger than death, a collection of shows are being put on by promoters around the country in his memory. SœurANTASeven Colour DriveDiving BellHexcutRainbow Slicer and Jack Nash appear at The Old England. The show concludes with a screening of Cleft’s last gig at ArcTanGent 2016. More here…

Here’s a brief reminder of the power and glory of Cleft.

EP/64 (Photo by Simon Holliday)

EP/64 + bellies! + CZN – Brunswick

It’s not only reassuring that Bristol is awash with boundary-pushing shows, but it’s also tremendous that there are so many on this week as an antidote to seasonal musak torture. This show launches the split EP of ‘sinister world’ cynics, bellies! and the improvisational, electronic abstraction of EP/64. There’s a pleasant contrast between the two that needs your further exploration. More here…

Gaz Brookfield and the Company of Thieves + Grace Petrie – SWX

The annual December shindig of Gaz Brookfield and the Company of Thieves just keeps getting bigger. You’re guaranteed a sense of ire and an equal tranche of irony, as Brookfield manages to pick through life’s more irksome topics with a steely stare, an endearing smile and a bittersweet humour. You can’t help but get on board with these land pirates. More here… 

The Malago Ballroom + Slonk + Pork Pie – Louisiana

It’s the The Malago Ballroom‘s biggest hometown headline show to date, celebrating one year of being a band and the release of the EP, In Between Lives. It may not be quite as biblically epic as returning to Bethlehem on the 25th, but Saturday promises to be uplifting and some form of quasi-spiritual experience nonetheless, especially with the nutritious Breakfast Records pairing of Slonk and Pork Pie in support. More here…

Sunday 16th December

Nest Egg

Nest Egg + Sunset Images + Telepathic Dreambox – Crofters Rights

Lysergic Limes’ final show of the year presents North Carolina’s immense, intense, math-/prog-/post-rockers, Nest Egg. If you want a show with surging energy and wave after wave of what they call ‘mood music for nihilists’, then you ought to set the controls for The Crofters Rights on Sunday night for an atmospherically black sabbath. More here…

Tuesday 18th December

Gaelynn Lea

Gaelynn Lea – SouthBank

We’re blessed to have Gaelynn Lea back in Bristol again and those who see her in such an intimate location on Tuesday night will be equally fortunate to do so. Emotive, astute lyrics, coupled with tender violin playing makes Lea’s shows a full-on soul-cleanser. In ‘Lost in the Woods’, she asks “Where’s your heart today?” Expect Gaelynn Lea to win a piece of yours, wherever it currently resides. More here…


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