Festival season is all but over and the tent is back in the loft (or still festering in the bag in the corner, or possibly still in some field if you’re one of those boneheads who abandoned theirs at Reading for someone else to take down). We mustn’t become seasonally-affected. After all, the end of festival season has to qualify as a first-world problem, and there are many fine indoorsy shows to appreciate, as this week’s Gigs of the Week confirms.

Thursday 13th September

Skating Polly

Skating Polly + Hands Off Gretel + Miss Kill – Thunderbolt

When you call your 2010 debut album Taking Over The World, you’ve clearly got a sense of humour, a pleasant lack of inhibition and a decent whack of self-belief. That Skating Polly are thriving eight years on with The Make It All Show may not be indicative of global domination, but it is evidence of a band that keeps on getting better.

Friday 14th September

Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls + Slow Loris – Mothers Ruin

In their interview with Kezia Cochrane in this month’s BLM, Ren Aldridge of Petrol Girls described how their very first gig was decidedly under-rehearsed and underwhelming. Suffice to say that Friday’s gig at The Mothers Ruin will be a glorious case of ‘compare and contrast’. In their track, ‘Sister’ they declare, “We will decode this world together. We will write our existence in.” We urge you to join them in doing just so.

Dignan Porch + Swallow Cave – Rough Trade

The Windmill in Brixton has etched many band names into the collective consciousness over recent years. Dignan Porch may not be the most loudly vaunted of such names, but they have gathered a strong underground following. Their latest release, Secretions, an amalgamation of digital EPs from the last two years is just out and like its title, has a real sense of flow.

Saturday 15th September

My Nu Leng

My Nu Leng + Taiki Nulight + Dismantle + Bushbaby + Buckfast Boys Club – Marble Factory

As Bristol gears up for another rave-ready autumn, no one quite brings the party like Avon veterans, My Nu Leng. Having endlessly proved that they have mastered what it takes to tear up a warehouse, especially with their triumphant secret location event back in March, the dynamic duo with Dread MC (of course) will be returning to the beloved Marble Factory on the 15th.

Albert Hammond Jr + Yassassin – Thekla

When you’ve been in such an iconic 21st Century line-up as The Strokes, as Albert Hammond Jr was, it’s potentially hard to break free and do your own thing without people talking at the back until you reel out your cover of ‘Last Night’. Of course, the way to offset this is to push your sound in a new and successful direction, as exemplified by the mellifluous rock sounds on 2018’s ‘Set To Attack’.

Sunday 16th September

Robert Sotelo

Robert Sotelo – Hy-Brasil

Calling his debut album, Cusp immediately placed Robert Sotelo on boundaries of sorts. That doesn’t make him something peripheral and marginal, however. He’s on that sweet spot of the Venn diagram where a lot of damn good genres intersect. You’ll hear 1960s pop and some of the more blissed-out 60s psych. His most recent material does deal with how we can relegate ourselves to the margins, and how we can re-connect with people. Don’t sit at home on Sunday night.

Monday 17th September


Terry + Lush Purr – Crofters Rights

In The 70s and 80s, there were loads of people called Ken, Clive, Barry and Terry. What happened? We need these names back. Leading this way in the crusade is Melbourne quartet, Terry. This summer, they released I’m Terry. Last year they released Remember Terry. If you go to The Crofters Rights on Monday night, there’s just one thing you’ll be calling your first/next son.

The Sueves + Flat Earthers – Hy-Brasil

‘Sueve’ may well have you thinking of individuals that are suave, swaying and dressed in suede. Or sounding like Suede. Chicago’s punk heathens are none of these things. The nearest words they embody to ‘Sueve’ are swerve or sweat. There are some bands whose rock literally makes you teeter on the edge of losing your equilibrium. If you enjoy that kind of temporary imbalance, you need to meet The Sueves.

Tuesday 18th September

Holy Wave + Captain Süün – Lanes

Those who have stood atop a surfboard and caught a holy wave will have experienced a water-borne nirvana that the land-locked or the constitutionally malco-ordinated will never have felt. Fortunately, you can enjoy similar bliss on your own two feet in close proximity to a large speaker pumping out the shoegazey surf-psych of Austin, Texas’ Holy Wave. Throw in Captain Süün for support and you ought to find yourself in an even higher state of consciousness.


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