Life’s too short to read introductions like this. You’ve got evenings of live music to plan and Gig buddies to recruit. Here are our Gigs of the Week for the next seven days.

Thursday 14th February

Koan Sound (Photo: Sarah Koury)

Koan Sound + Sorrow + Monuman – Trinity

Playing their first hometown headline shows in three years in a sold-out venue? No pressure then. Koan Sound not only promise new audio-visuals to accompany their sound, but there’s the additional frisson of new material from the forthcoming album, Polychrome. Prepare to hear music in glorious technicolour. More here…

Friday 15th February

Jimothy Lacoste

Jimothy Lacoste – Thekla

A dapper, snappy dresser from London with well-pressed trousers, an ironed shirt and a very self-respecting sweater? We’re talking Henley, or the Boat Race, right? Surely. Timothy Gonzales, aka Jimothy Lacoste is much more ‘Made in Camden’ than Made In Chelsea. He may sound deadpan and lo-fi, but his high-street fashion and lowbrow references make him the man of the people that he certainly is. More here…

theskyisthinaspaperhere + DOmestic Sound Cupboard + Eileen Southern – Mothers Ruin

I like nothing better on a Friday evening myself than a bit of post-rock mixed with ambient electronica to create soundscapes of brooding melancholia. That’s not irony – I’m being serious. What do you like doing on a Friday? Five pints of continental lager at Wetherspoons? You’re weird. And you’ll be missing Marcus Dyer, known more by the stage name theskyisthinaspaperhere, at The Mothers Ruin. More here…

Saturday 16th February


FUR + Honey Moon + Some Bodies – Rough Trade

It’s frightening to acknowledge that we’re now closer in time to the 2060s than we are to the 1960s, but when you listen to Brighton’s fab four Fur, you’ll definitely get a glorious sense of bygone eras. There’s a honeyed tone to their vocals and a joyous jaunt to their tunes that ought to make you smile and help take you back in time, long before arguing on social media and such modern joys existed. More here…

Ouzo Bazooka + Dubi Dolczek – Old England

Having formed in Tel-Aviv in 2014, Ouzo Bazooka have gone on to release two albums, with the most recent, Transporter, coming out last month. There’s a more US West Coast feel, with a Middle Eastern tinge, with psych- and surf-rock mixing in a surge of sun-bleached vigour. Opening track, ‘It’s A Sin’, is definitely more like one of those minor sins that you rather enjoy giving in to. More here…

Cub Sport + Kudu Blue – Louisiana

In support of their self-titled third album, released last month, Australian synth-pop quartet, Cub Sport are touring the UK, with The Louisiana as their stopping point in this fine metropolis. Tim Nelson, the band’s front man, sees emotions in high definition and presents the listener with a vulnerability that is endearing and refreshingly real. More here…

Sunday 17th February


Jammz – Rough Trade

Sunday night choices – stay in and do a spot of cleaning, or head to Rough Trade for a spot of grime from Jammz? He supported Kano on his Made In The Manor tour, but as stated on his recent track, ‘Lemonade Man’, he’s never been a follower. With zest, fizz and with the hyperactive speed of kid off his bonce on Haribo, Jammz will let loose. More here…

J Fernandez – Hy Brasil

Calling your new album Occasional Din, three years after your previous offering, is undoubtedly the mark of a wry performer. Does J Fernandez mean that there are occasional outbreaks of cacophonous feedback, or surges of volume? Or is he ironically declaring he churns out some vaguely-arranged noise now and then? The reality is much more gauzy and mellifluous. More here…

Monday 18th February

Big Joanie (Photo: Ellie Smith)

Big Joanie + Secret Power + Bellies! – Stag and Hounds

Big Joanie name their trio after singer, Stephanie Phillips’ mother and by the sound of their November 2018 debut album, Sistahs, you could barely think of a finer tribute. It’s DIY feminist post-punk, often sounding like Debbie Harry fronting early New Order. Big Bristolian question about Big Joanie is “Have they met Big Jeff?” More here…

The Lemonheads + HeyRocco – SWX

They rose to prominence with their more commercial success of It’s A Shame About Ray in 1992. It confirmed Evan Dando as a consummate songwriter. Boston alt-rockers, The Lemonheads return in 2019 with Varshons 2, a follow-up (ten years on) to the original Varshons project. Highlights include the cover of The Eyes’ ‘TAQN’. More here…

Wednesday 20th February

The Mysterines

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets + The Mysterines – Thekla

We like the headliners, but we love the support. Definitely sounding some hero’s adversary from a kids’ TV sci-fi programme, by name at least, The Mysterines are a rock trio to be reckoned with. Their recent BBC Introducing session at Maida Vale for Steve Lamacq was evidence enough of their irresistible rise. Seeing this lot ought to make you want to start your own band. More here…

Ohmme + The Malarkey – Louisiana

When they formed in 2014, Chicago duo, Ohmme were called ‘Homme’. At some point, you have to imagine that either Sima Cunningham or Macie Stewart mistyped it and thought, “Looks good, let’s use it.” When you learn that these two met at high school, it makes sense. Their voices blend instinctively, lending heft to anything from noisy indie-rock to more folk/jazz-infused tracks. More here…


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