This week’s selection of delectable gigs brings together an eclectic bunch. They’re not quite the inmates from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, but this is certainly the sort of week where you ought to go out on a limb, experience some new acts and see the world in a new light. It’s not like Thursday 14th heralds 64 games of international football over the following month, or anything. Gigging truly is the beautiful game.

Thursday 14th June


Chaouche + MADB – Old Bookshop
June’s BLM cover star, Chaouche, spoke in her interview of enduring adversity, yet eventually coming to terms with it and finding a sense of inner peace. This resonates through her songs – vulnerable, yet beautiful and soothing. Her debut album, Safe, launches on Thursday night at The Old Bookshop, before its release a few hours later, on Friday. More here…

Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek – The Cube
Remember that Club 18-30 holiday you went on to Marmaris? Well Derya Yildirim is precisely the other end of the spectrum from that. Together with Grup Şimşek, they take traditional Turkish rhythms and Anatolian folk and infuse psychedelia, jazz and funk to make a sound that is as captivating for the ears as a roaring fire is for the eyes. More here…

Gigs of the Week

Waxahatchee + Ex-Vöid – Fleece
Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, gave us one of the albums of 2017 with Out In The Storm, and one of the killer album openings with the first seething bars of ‘Never Been Wrong.’ On ‘Sparks Fly’ she reminded us that she is a “live wire, electrified.” Expect emotional pyrotechnics at The Fleece on Thursday night. More here…

The Ethical Debating Society + Drunken Butterfly + Kate Stapley – Exchange
By name, they may sound like The Leisure Society, or Public Service Broadcasting’s preppier mates, but this post-riot-grrrl trio from London sound like Sleater-Kinney’s crotchety cousins. With lyrics like, “I like you, I like you, but you repeat yourself” on ‘Kill You Last’ there’s humour too. Presented by Bristol LaDIYFest and raising money for refugee women in Bristol. Ethical indeed. More here…

Friday 15th June

Moaning + Leeches + Treeboy & Arc – Rough Trade
Having released their first full-length on Sub-Pop in February, Moaning are no conventional debutants, having a decade of experience behind them in various other DIY outfits. Their sound on their self-titled album is as angsty as it is anthemic. Despite a name that smacks of whinging and songs called ‘Misheard,’ ‘Tired’ and ‘Useless,’ you ought to find them rather uplifting. More here…

Saturday 16th June

The Big Idea

The Big Idea – The Lanes
No idea why, but French textbooks in English schools used to have a fascination with La Rochelle. I assumed it was paradise. And then I went there. That was gazillions of years before garage-psych outfit, The Big Idea, made it somewhere more significant than the destination of your allez-retour. You’ll catch classic psych-rock influences, but they often have the modern touch of Oh Sees and Pond about them. More here…

AJJ + Toodles and the Hectic Pity + Dogeyed – Exchange
Formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad (Google that at work and see if it sets the web filters off), AJJ rebranded themselves thus in 2016. What they didn’t change was their folk-punk leanings towards cage-rattling and truth-telling, as well as their irrepressible humour. The album cover for The Bible 2 stated, “No more shame, No more fear, No more dread.” They should put it into Latin and have it as their motto. More here…

Agarimo + High Climbers + Domestic Sound Cupboard – Crofters Rights
Bristol’s Agarimo, fronted by Spanish-born brothers Juan and Pablo Mestres, put In The Shelter Of out on Stolen Body Records in May. As you’d expect from that label, it has a touch of the experimental, with garage, punk and psychedelia all chopped up and lobbed into the sonic blender. Concurrently primal and cerebral, Agarimo is like pre-history and the distant future meeting at speed dating. More here…

Sunday 17th June


Simiah & The Phantom Ensemble – Gallimaufry
Simiah is usually observed appearing on his own, wielding a couple of mighty turntables, or an MPC drum machine to make an extensive range of sounds. As someone who marches to his own beat, this night at the Gallimaufry promises a little something extra – a collaboration between Simiah and two members of The Phantom Ensemble, Dan Somers and Craig Crofton, on keys and saxophone. More here…

Breathe Panel + Zebrafi + Jemima Coulter – Hy-Brasil
MJ of Hookworms oversaw sessions on the band’s forthcoming, self-titled debut album that drops in the middle of July. Their sound is the perfect representation of conflicting emotions, making what they produce feel eminently human, either where you’re at, or where you’ve been. Recent track, ‘Carmine’ talks of blue skies and rain and veers from tension to joy. More here…

Monday 18th June

Arctic Lake

Arctic Lake + MAUWE + Joseph Wellfair – Louisiana
Those fine fellow Bristolians over at Tap The Feed bring London’s Arctic Lake to the Louisiana on Monday night (note the change of venue – original tickets are valid). They’re worth seeing for Emma Foster’s crisp-as-ice vocals alone, never mind the misty art-pop of their musical arrangements. More here…

Wednesday 20th June

Goat (Japan) + Mai Mai Mai + The Evil Usses – Crofters Rights
Not to be confused with the flamboyantly-sinister Swedes of the same name, Japan’s Goat are a percussive epiphany just waiting for you to experience them. Goat provide another example of a gig to get out to this week if you want to bend your brain and take your listening into uncharted territory. These are definitely not domesticated goats, either. They’re wild, energetic and ravenous. More here…


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