March is turning rather wintry for May, but if you want to think BRistol rather than BRexit, focus on the potential EUphoria to be felt at some of these shows.

Thursday 14th March


SWMRS + Zuzu – Fleece

Not saying that you have to re-enact the near-apocalyptic chaos depicted in the video of ‘Berkley’s On Fire’ by SWMRS at The Fleece on Thursday night, but you’ll certainly be tempted into some form of wild abandon. Considering the pronunciation of their name, they’re definitely punk with a silent ‘s’. More here…

Friday 15th March

Red Rum Club + Bravo Sierra + Mitch Sanders – Hy-Brasil

Red Rum Club ought at some stage to be playing on a bill with Foals and Band of Horses. Cinematic Scouse sounds from some sort of Mersey Western soundtrack filled their 2019 album, Matador. As you can hear from their track, ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely?’ they do compassion rather well. And shouting ‘HOO-HA!’ More here…

Saturday 16th March

Kate Stapley (Photo: Mar Reyes)

Kate Stapley – St George’s

When some people will be intoxicated on ale and rugby on Saturday afternoon, it’s pure, unfiltered, undiluted Kate Stapley that’ll be served up at St George’s. She’s playing songs from her forthcoming album in solo format. If you saw her September Sofar Sounds show, you’ll have a ticket already. More here…

Sistertalk + Haze + PVA + LICE (DJ Set) – Old England

If the sharply-dressed gents of Sistertalk started talking to your sister, then you’d think she was in refined and raffish company. Catch a bit of their post-punk set and you’d probably consider them slightly more mad, bad and dangerous to know. Imagine if Shame went full Goth. More here…

No Violet (Photo: Michael Brumby)

No Violet + CLT DRP + INDIGOs – Rough Trade

Like those moments in films, where you know full well something’s going to appear at the window, but you scream when it appears anyway, No Violet is the sort of band that gives you that rush of adrenaline. We previewed ‘Lemons’, bitter, acidic, sharp – on the site last week. More here…

Jelly Boy + Pet Shimmers + wych elm – Hy-Brasil

Benji Compston of Happyness releases his debut solo album, Everybody Is A Universe in April as Jelly Boy. Low-fi and grungy, early release, ‘Give Up And Gamble’ is ironic life coaching. If everybody is truly a universe, then that makes us all rather complex. Let Jelly Boy guide you. More here…

Monday 18th March


EBU + Manonmars + Fever 103 – Louisiana

The indomitable force of The Bristol GERM proudly showcases the unbridled creativity of EBU, with the launch of the album Hinge. EBU was one of our New Sounds 2019 feature. The only reason not to attend this one on a Monday night is that the rest of your week might just seem comparatively flat. More here…

Tuesday 19th March

Woman’s Hour

Woman’s Hour + GINS  – Crofters Rights

Woman’s Hour released an acclaimed debut album in 2014, then split up in 2016 whilst trying to write album number two, citing mounting pressures. They have never officially reformed, yet they finished and released that album this year. Last chance to hear the finest non-band around at Crofters Rights. More here…

Woahnows + Katie Ellen + Slagheap – Exchange

Having released Young And Cool on Specialist Subjects Records last month, mighty Bristolian indie-punks, Woahnows come to Exchange to inspire, energise and remind us that youth and coolness comes in so many guises. The track ‘Dipping Out’ even confirms that it’s totally fine not to feel cool. You’ll find them in the kitchen at parties. More here…

Wednesday 20th March

Gigs of the Week
Sports Team

Sports Team + Chappaqua Wrestling + Haze – Rough Trade

Just when you think that the traditional ‘guitar band’ structure has been rinsed to the point of being almost colourlessly grey, along come bands like Sports Team and make you remember why guitar bands were, are and always will be the canine genitalia. More here…

The Shifters + Katy J Pearson + The Cool Greenhouse – Hy Brasil

Reminiscent of the intellectual Titan that was Baldrick in Blackadder, Melbourne’s The Shifters brought out Have A Cunning Plan last year. We all know what Baldrick was like: remarkably simple, frequently amusing but most endearingly likeable – as are The Shifters. More here…

Kelora + Glows – Café Kino

Kitty Hall and Benedict Salter are Glaswegian duo, Kelora. If you’d heard any of their earlier tracks, like 2016’s ‘Boy’ or 2018’s ‘Girl’, you’d have caught onto a sense of eerie coldness. 2019’s Valentine’s offering, ‘All I Want Is You’ had a little more warm yearning and twinkle. Cold fire at Café Kino. More here…


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