The world of rock and pop lost a legend in Stephen Hawking this week. He was sampled on ‘Keep Talking’ by Pink Floyd. His words were featured on U2’s Innocence and Experience tour, undoubtedly qualifying as the tour’s highlight in the eyes of most neutrals. Professor Hawking loved Depeche Mode too – a wise man indeed.

We also lost a chart-topper in Ken Dodd – with eighteen top-ten hits, including four entries in the top ten and that UK number one with ‘Tears’. Even the passing of television quiz show host and comedian, Jim Bowen sent a brief ripple through the music world. Who could forget his 1991 ‘Jim Bowen Rap’? YouTube it. You’ll be grateful.

If you need something to take your mind of that last song, why not check out one, or indeed many, of our Gigs of the Week?

Thursday 15th March


Turbowolf + Puppy + Big Spring – Trinity
Last time Turbowolf played Bristol, in 2015, they almost ‘went and blew the bloody doors off,’ as Michael Caine would put it. It’s a sell-out, so if you can’t get in for some of their jet-propelled, psyched-up psych-rock, you could at least stay home and listen to their shiny new album, The Free Life at outrageous volume. More here…

Friday 16th March

Hidden Orchestra + Limbic – St George’s
The orchestra in Hidden Orchestra is effectively hidden, in composer and performer Joe Atcheson’s head. It’s a well-fleshed, voluptuous soundscape, nonetheless, a more ambient dance equivalent of Nils Frahm’s output. He stands to bring a small array of musicians on the road with him, but certainly not a whole philharmonia. All in a deconsecrated church? Atmospheric. More here…

Birdskulls + Heavy Lungs – Stag & Hounds
Knowing what you do about the lightness and delicacy of the skulls of birds, you’ll be kept waiting approximately forever if you’re waiting for any such lightness from Birdskulls. They’re one solid thump of punk. They come to Bristol having played the launch show for their new self-titled EP the previous night in That London, so they’ll be flying. More here…

Open Mike Eagle + Milo – Fleece
When a hip hop artist calls his output ‘art rap’ and cites They Might Be Giants as a childhood influence, then you know you’re up for something slightly different from the norm. Open Mike Eagle combines a forked tongue with a savage sense of humour. Just check out November 2017’s ‘Happy Wasteland Day,’ released a year to the day after the election of “the garbage king.” More here…

Saturday 17th March


Sigrid + Fred Well – Motion
Being the BBC’s Sound of 2018 winner carries some serious weight of expectation, but Sigrid is a young veteran, having put her debut single in Norway out five years ago. ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ was a clear message to any naysayers out there who may wish to cast doubt on her fearsomely strong vocals and spiky synth-pop. More here…

USA Nails + Modern Rituals + Bo Gritz + Pet Crow + Olanza– Hy-Brasil
‘Shite At The Palladium’ has historically been on offer on a Saturday night via the television schedules. Now, if you hang around Hy-Brasil long enough, you might just hear noise-rockers, USA Nails perform it from their new album, Sonic Moist. They deserve our attention for just using the adjective, ‘moist.’ Did someone say ‘moist’? Moist… More here…

Sunday 18th March

Caves + Fresh + Dogeyed – Exchange
We all a bit tattered and dog-eared now and then, slightly stale, with the tendency to act like hermits, inside in the gloom. If so, we ought to get out of our secluded hideaways on Sunday afternoon for a punk shake-up from Caves and Fresh, with a slice of Dogeyed’s mellow indie, which ought to have you staring back with admiring puppy-dog-eyes. More here…

Monday 19th March

Bob Log III

Bob Log III + Brockley Forest – Lantern
A man in a full-body human cannonball suit, including a big shiny helmet, in which there is a telephone receiver, through which he sings, while he plays drums with his feet? That’s a thing? It most certainly is. His bold claim, according to a previous album title is My Shit is Perfect. Assuming he means his musical output, I recommend you test the hypothesis on Monday night. More here…

The Garden + Jesuits – Thekla
Orange County’s electro punk twins Wyatt and Fletcher Shears present themselves as The Garden. Considering that they’ve both modelled for major brands, the title of their forthcoming album, Mirror Might Steal Your Charm sounds like a double bluff. Have a listen to ‘No Destination’ and decide for yourself. More here…

Phobophobes + Yowl + WIBG – Crofters Rights
Phobophobia is the fear of fear itself. Phobophobes would have had plenty to fear in enduring the death of a band member, going on temporary hiatus, another member subsequently leaving, recruiting three new bandmates and putting out an album, the recent Miniature World. By the sound of it, they’ve come back undaunted and recharged. More here…

Tuesday 20th March

Dream Wife

Dream Wife + whenyoung + Drunken Butterfly – Exchange
March BLM interviewees, Dream Wife are the founding trio (along with photographer friend, Meg Lavender) of the Bad Bitches Club. Their mantra of safe spaces for all at gigs helps to create a special atmosphere of empowerment. Their recent self-titled debut album is, in terms that literally none of the cool kids are using right now, bad and bitchin’. More here…

Wednesday 21st March

Dinosaur Jr + Stephen McBean – SWX
They were originally called Dinosaur. Then they became Dinosaur Jr. In 2018, whilst demonstrating some evident seniority, they’re as youthful as ever, as shown by recent single, ‘Hold Unknown.’ Thirty years on from charting with the seminal ‘Freak Scene,’ J. Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph remain chief indie rock scenesters. More here…


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