You never necessarily know the trajectory on which a band is heading when you see them. There’d have been very few attendees seeing IDLES support a band called Health at the Louisiana in 2011 foreseeing a BRITS nomination as Best Breakthrough Act more than seven years later.

That said, a certain wise Bristolian music publication did review their Meat EP launch in 2015 and suggest that “there’s all the makings of a legendary band here tonight.” Maybe one of the following bands is about to go stratospheric. Why not give one of them a try?

Thursday 17th January

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans + Just Friends + Don’t Worry – Exchange

Californian power-pop quartet, Mom Jeans released the album Puppy Love last year. The tweeness of that title rings with clanging irony when you look at the tracklisting and find titles like ‘I Left My Towel At My Friend’s House And Then They Moved PT 1’ or ‘Jon Bong Jovi’. Emotive without being emo, Mom Jeans’ songs are like many a pair of jeans – stylish and slightly uncomfortable. More here…

Friday 18th January

Radiators + Gork + The Gin Birkins – Crofters Rights

You must have cuddled up to a radiator or two in the last month, surely? If so, you know that little noise you make when you first feel a radiator’s positive impact. You can expect the same initial purr from the garage-rock roar of Radiators, playing their first-ever headline show, off the back of their most recent EP, Clampit Classics.  More here…

Flag Fen + Beak> (DJ Set) + Seitz + Lightning Sharks + Schnauser + The (En)Corrs – Louisiana

As a fire ripped through a warehouse space on Netham Road on December 15th, it destroyed rehearsal and studio spaces, as well as significant amounts of several bands’ gear. The Louisiana is curating a night of splendid music and sending all of the profits to help the bands bounce back from their losses, including featured acts Flag Fen and Lightning SharksMore here…

Ciruela Split

Ciruela Split + Sex Jazz + Spunking Octochoke – Old England

Considering that they are on a triple bill with two bands with unmistakably suggestive names, it’s not hard to suspect that there’s some potentially squishy anatomical imagery going on with Ciruela Split (do the Spanish translation yourself). You can expect dramatic sci-fi pop when you see these Argentinians make their UK debut at The Old England on Friday night. More here…

Leeches + Brockley Forest + Erotic Secrets of Pompeii + Merrick’s Tusk + Grandmas House + Civil War Ghost – Mothers Ruin

Free drinks and free food tend to taste just that little bit more satisfying, knowing that they might trouble your waistline, but they’ll leave your puny bank account to die another day. January as a post-Christmas financial crater is much more manageable due to the Free For All Festival, and with Leeches leading a stellar bill, the start of 2019 will undoubtedly suck less. More here…

Saturday 19th January

Milo’s Planes

Milo’s Planes + Iceman Furniss + Norman & The Conquerors + Monoclown – Old England

When you first hear the punk/post-hardcore sound of Milo’s Planes, originally founded by the Sherrin brothers, Joe and Harry, you feel the force. Now a four-piece, they make even more sense-smiting sound. If there was an airline called Milo’s Planes, it would be distinctly ‘no frills’. And brilliantly turbulent. More here…

E.M.M.A. + Mun Sing + Jurango + Alya L – Crofters Rights

Picture for a moment that you’re in a diving suit, swimming through The bar area of The Crofters Rights. A dugong nods approvingly at your choice of wetsuit. There’s an orca in the corner, and someone’s spilled his pint, but he’s utterly blissed-out at the immersive, transportive soundscapes of E.M.M.A. Consciousness ought to be this fluid more often in life. More here…

Sunday 20th January

Durand Jones & The Indications

Durand Jones and the Indications – Rough Trade

Playing Rough Trade in support of their forthcoming album, American Love CallDurand Jones and the Indications are the medicinally smooth balm of 21st Century, 1970s soul that might make you call the one you love, either to remind them that you love them, or to suggest some love. The Dead Oceans label just can’t put a foot wrong right now. More here…

Tuesday 22nd January

Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers

Hobo Johnson and the LoveMakers – O2 Academy

Hobo Johnson and the LoveMakers made the simple video to ‘Peach Scone’ in a backyard, but from that came over twelve million YouTube hits and won them an NPR Tiny Desk session. Johnson’s shirts are as lively and colourful as his speak-shout, hip-hop poetry. Be ready to share the love and join in when they yell, “Damn, I love those sandwiches!”. More here…

The Twilight Sad – Rough Trade

With an album released a few days prior on Mogwai’s label, Rock Action Records, entitled IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIMEThe Twilight Sad play a stripped-back set at Rough Trade. Bearing in mind the usual levels of intense, uptempo post-punk gloom they usually assail your eardrums with, don’t forget to catch them when they’re being quiet. It won’t be like this all the time. More here…

Rachel Baiman

Rachel Baiman – Wardrobe Theatre

Repping the bluegrass genre (not a phrase frequently aired in Gigs of the Week), Rachel Baiman released her Thanksgiving EP in November of last year. A combination of healthy scepticism, a sharp-tongued turn of phrase, nifty musicianship and some strong harmonies, this ‘world feels bad’ music turns into a tangibly feelgood experience. More here…


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