It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Let us all celebrate how music can bring such great joy and a sense of community. You never need be alone. If you feel that way, reach out and talk.

We remember Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit. Long may his songs bring us joy.

Friday 18th May

Emily Breeze

CALM Fundraiser: Emily Breeze + Flag Fen + Age Decay + Twin – Louisiana
In the midst of Mental Health Awareness Week, as well as looking after yourself and looking out for others, we implore you to join the fundraising efforts for the Campaign Against Living Miserably at the Louisiana. Headliner, Emily Breeze, sounds like “the love child of PJ Harvey and Johnny Cash.” More here…

Boytoy + Yo No Se + Arno – Crofters Rights
Brooklyn trio, Boytoy, like to skate and to surf. They can frequently be found surfing waves of fuzzed grunge and skating through the lighter side of 60s surf rock. What you can guarantee is stylish harmonies, raw energy, and formidable attack with precision and control. More here…

Saturday 19th May


Hank + Sugar Horse + Iran Iran – Mothers Ruin
Just when you see a name like ‘Hank’ and assume you’re in for some duelling banjos, out of leftfield (well, Norwich) comes this math-rock four-piece behemoth. If you like your riffage crisp and your drumming syncopated and breakneck fast, try their recent track, ‘Spit It.’ More here…

Nightbus: Wasuremono + The Blood Choir – Mr Wolf’s
Interviewed in this month’s BLM, Wasuremono are having one of those years where everything seems to be going their way, but this is certainly a case of ‘you reap what you sow.’ Their 2018 album, Something Left Behind has already stood up to a BBC Introducing Maida Vale session. Check them out at Mr Wolf’s. More here…

Sunday 20th May


Peace + whenyoung – SWX
I have all the time in the world for a band who call their album Kindness is the New Rock and Roll and who talk openly and inspiringly about mental health, as in their 2017 song ‘From Under Liquid Glass.’ They’ve been out of the limelight for several years now, but they are back and recharged. Give Peace a chance. More here…

Levitation Room + Black Doldrums + GURU – Old England
If it’s turning on, tuning in and dropping out that’s on your weekly agenda, some feelgood, LA-launched, love-soaked psych from Levitation Room ought to have you on the ceiling, with songs like ‘Warmth of the Sun’ and ‘Cosmic Flower.’ Apparently they came up with their band name in exactly the way you might expect. More here…

Monday 21st May

Anna Burch

Anna Burch + Tungz – Crofters Rights
We have many recent reasons to be grateful to Detroit. It’s brought us Stef Chura, Protomartyr and the debut album by Anna Burch, entitled Quit The Curse. Burch’s tunes breeze and shimmer, but a hard-nosed emotional reality leaps out from behind the hooks and punches you lyrically in the solar plexus. More here…

Snail Mail + wych elm – Louisiana
Perhaps ‘prodigious’ is an understatement when it comes to Snail Mail. Two weeks after their formation, they played a slot alongside Sheer Mag, Priests and Screaming Females. Their debut EP, Habit caused ripples and ructions even more than the average teenager does. We can’t wait for their first full album, Lush on June 8th. More here…

Tuesday 22nd May

Car Seat Headrest

Car Seat Headrest + Naked Giants – SWX
2018’s Twin Fantasy (Face To Face) brought a re-recording of the band’s 2011 album, scaled up and in the words of lead singer, Will Toledo, finished off. Reliving your intense personal thoughts from the age of nineteen may seem undesirable to many, but this brutal diaristic honesty has always distinguished Car Seat Headrest. More here…

Maya Law + The Off-Kilter Trio – Gallimaufry
Maya Law’s blend of neo-soul and hip-hop will do plenty for your serotonin levels if you need something ambient, yet substantial to float on. You may find that The Off-Kilter Trio bear a striking resemblance to the gentlemen playing the latest BLM in Session, but playing a few jazzier, off-kilter off-cuts. More here…


Spector + Alan Power + Heavy Rapids – Thekla
“Does your timeline make you tired? Has your Young Person’s Railcard expired?” If the answer to either of the above is yes, then you need to “go somewhere in real life” and get back in touch with the spirit of Spector. Fred Macpherson’s vocals will remind you what it’s like to be a human being. More here…

Is Bliss + Jennifer + wych elm + The Malarkey – Hy-Brasil
Great things have come out of Portsmouth over the years, like Charles Dickens and the Isle of Wight Ferry. Is Bliss are another to add to the roll of honour. They manage to meld 60s psych rock with 90s shoegazey, melon-twisting indie. There’s nowhere else you’re getting a sitar solo and shredding on a Tuesday night. More here…


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