This Gigs of the Week is dedicated to anyone who went to a show last week and didn’t add to the sonic palette by talking through the acts. We salute you and your considerate listening skills.

Thursday 18th October

Kayla Painter

Kayla Painter + Jilk + Memotone – Rough Trade

With fresh tracks from her Cannibals at Sea EP, Kayla Painter comes to Rough Trade on Thursday evening. Exploring her mixed British and Fijian heritage, she compares the traditional working-class values of Britain with Pacific Islander beliefs. As always, her work will be full of atmospheric, textured electronica. More here…

Friday 19th October

Willie J Healey

Willie J Healey + Joe Probert – Rough Trade

Although he may strike as your archetypal slacker, Willie J Healey creates magic out of mundanity. Songs that are about doing something and nothing (frequently the latter) are vibrant with his absurd charm and gather gradual momentum through his steady rock n stroll beat. More here…

John + Milo’s Planes + Pork Pie – Mothers Ruin

So, two blokes called John decide to form a punk band and they meet to come up with a name. They take the register, Flight of the Conchords-style – “John?” “Present.” “John?” “Present,” at which point they both realise that John would be an ideal name for the band. Cut to the present, and they’re just about to support IDLES in Europe, which is about the best recommendation you can give for a band right now. More here…

Saturday 20th October

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Simple Things Festival – Various Venues

Keeping it simple in life has a lot to be said for it. Taking delight in the simple things is something we may well forget to do, immersed in work, woes and screen time. The Simple Things Festival is a tried and tested way to devote a day to things that make you look, listen and smile. Catch the likes of SlowdiveRolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Her’sSorry and Jimothy LacosteMore here…

Off The Record Festival – The Lanes

Not one all-dayer on Saturday, but two? And this one’s raising money for mental health support for teens in Bristol and South Gloucestershire? Everyone’s a winner. This one brings Japanese garage-rockers, King Brothers to The Lanes, along with Cocaine Piss, Creatures, Black Mekon, Tropic, SlonkMutes, Swallow Cave and RainmakerMore here…

Nadine Khouri + Lizzy O’Connor – Louisiana

Jimi Hendrix called music a safe kind of high. British-Lebanese songwriter, Nadine Khouri, is probably a fine representation of that concept. There is every chance you’ll get lost in the dreamy, haunting richness-yet-fragility of her voice, as demonstrated in her recent track, ‘A New Dawn’ or on the enchanting video from The Crypt Sessions that follows. More here…

Sunday 21st October

Aerial Salad + Capitalist Kid + Lesser Known Character + Tie Fighter Pilot – The Trap

If you’re thinking ‘aerial’, then they’re more like freestyle skiing with dangerous stunts than a load of wire on your roof for receiving transmissions. If you’re thinking ‘salad’ then they’re much more the sound and fury of the 90s alt-rockers of that name than floppy green leaves. To put a rocket up your Sunday, get to The Trap for Aerial SaladMore here…

Monday 22nd October

Yellow Days

Yellow Days – Thekla

The R&B-inflected alt-rock of Yellow Days has already caught the attention of rising hip-hop star Rejjie Snow (who featured on Yellow Days’ debut LP Is Everything Okay In Your World?) and established megastar, Childish Gambino. The Surrey rocker’s ‘Gap in the Clouds’ soundtracks the season two trailer of Glover’s acclaimed TV series Atlanta. There’s no surprise that he’s sold out Thekla on Monday. More here…

The Scorpios + Tezeta – The Lanes

The Grey Area presents, for the first time to Bristol, The Scorpios. Hypnotic Arab rhythms, psychedelic Sudanese Afrobeat and eastern funk. Those born under the star sign Scorpio are just approaching their birthdays. Scorpios are meant to be passionate and assertive people, so they ought to be elbowing each other out of the way to get to the front and dance. More here…

Tuesday 23rd October

The Shuks

The Shuks + Living Island + Tugboat Captain + Hum Fuzz – The Lanes

When you’re from Bath, you have important life choices to make: do you dress up as someone from Pride and Prejudice and promenade around the Royal Crescent? Do you spend a princely shitload for craft beer/cocktails in gastropubs in the name of recreation? Is life all about rugby? The Shuks have the key and the secret – start a garage band and make rousing, sandblasting songs like ‘Korea’. More here…

FES + Champagne Colored Cars + Loralie + Exploder – Old England

It may have a cathedral, a football team and an East Coast Main Line railway station, but apart from it being the birthplace of two members of The Prodigy, FES are genuinely threatening to put Peterborough on the map. Their fiddly math-pop is infectious and the vocal of Polly Holland-Wing has a beautifully abrasive quality. More here…

Wednesday 24th October

Swimming Girls + Emily Isherwood + Special Guest – Louisiana

There are many more reasons to see this gig by Swimming Girls, other than the fact that it’s free. Perhaps the most pressing reason to attend is that they’re so blatantly on the rise that such a gift as this should be gratefully accepted when it’s offered up. Anyone at The Downs Festival would have been shouting at Paul Weller to turn it down a bit when Swimming Girls were on a side stage playing ‘Tastes Like Money’. More here…


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