When the clocks go back and it gets dark earlier in the evening, autumn touring season simply sparks up even more brightly. Light the fireworks and retreat behind the safety barrier – it’s Gigs of the Week.

Thursday 1st November


The KVB – Louisiana

Those familiar with the insistent rhythms on the recent Beak> album will not be surprised to hear tracks from the new album, Only Now Forever, by The KVB, and see that it’s out on Geoff Barrow’s Invada label. Shoegazey reverb dresses head-to-toe in black and dances with a melancholic synthesiser, as if The Jesus and Mary Chain channelled Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. More here…

Jen Cloher + The Finks – Grain Barge

With Patti-Smith-meets-PJ-Harvey pathos-laden perspective, Jen Cloher crafts poetic songs of genuine longing, loathing and self-questioning. Too often referred to via Courtney Barnett, she’s no afterthought or support act. To see her close-up at The Grain Barge playing a solo set ought to be a rare delight, as simple instrumentation will throw the power of her words into an even greater spotlight. More here…

Saturday 3rd November


Sasami + Swallow Cave + Herbal Tea – Rough Trade

Having the strength of your convictions is relatively rare and admirably bold nowadays. Having played a significant part in one of our albums of 2017, Cherry Glazerr’s Apocalipstick, the last thing you’d expect Sasami Ashworth to do would be to step off the bandwagon and tread her own path. Those wanderings down the road less taken have been fruitful and have brought her to Rough Trade. More here…

Boogarins + Agarimo + Elius Inferno and the Magic Octogram – Crofters Rights

You could imagine trippy Lewis Carroll tales containing creatures called Boogarins, so it’s no wonder that they’re coming to The Crofters Rights courtesy of a promoter with ‘Lysergic’ in the name. They sing about social conflict in their native Brazil, whilst Dinho Almeida’s soft and airy vocal contrasts with the heaviness of the lyrics’ subject matter. Why not disappear down their rabbit hole on Saturday night? More here…

She Makes War + The Menstrual Cramps – Thekla

Brace For Impact might remind you of heading towards the break lights of that Ford Fiesta in front with the ominous feeling that you’re not going to stop in time, but Laura Kidd, aka She Makes War has recently put out an album that is anything but a car crash. The emotional equivalent of G-force is what you’ll need to brace yourself for at Thekla on Saturday night. More here…

Sunday 4th November

Magic Potion

Magic Potion – Crofters Rights

Endless Graffiti is the most recent album by Swedish lo-fi guitar-pop quartet, Magic Potion. Anyone with a knowledge of graffiti will know that some of it is brilliant and some of it is downright slack. Magic Potion’s sound is often pigeonholed as ‘slacker’; their slackness is their strength. Let them lure you into a laid-back, happy headspace at The Crofters Rights. More here…

Drinks + Bas Jan – Southbank

Going out for drinks on a Sunday is a high-risk strategy. It’s still the weekend and you’re still at leisure, but having too much of a good time and over-indulging renders you less than useful on Monday morning. Drinks this Sunday at Southbank come in the form of the duo, Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley. Hangovers are guaranteed, but you’ll appreciate their sound and vibe hanging about in your head. More here…

Emma Ruth Rundle
Emma Ruth Rundle

Emma Ruth Rundle + Jaye Jayle + Patrick Walker – Rough Trade

Whether it’s on ‘Darkhorse’ or ‘Light Song’ from the splendid On Dark HorsesEmma Ruth Rundle‘s atmospheric vocals find the shadows and loom portentously within. Anyone who cites Kate Bush and David Lynch as influences has to be inherently dramatic and blatantly worth a listen. There’s something intriguing and intangible about her 2018 output that has really turned heads. More here…

The Magic Lantern + Rachael Dadd – Café Kino

Let’s assume that Jamie Doe, front man of The Magic Lantern, will deign to wear a few more clothes than he did at the start of the video for ‘Holding Hands’. And now that you’ve returned from Googling that one, you’ll understand when I say that his emotional butt-nakedness is one thing that has made so many people stop and stare at the band’s output, admiring the imperfect beauty of humanity. More here…

Monday 5th November


Raye – Thekla

Since leaving the Brit School at sixteen to discover her own sound, Raye‘s career has gone from strength to strength. From her collaboration and feature on the Jax Jones track, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ to writing with a string of talented artists, such as John Legend and Charli XCX, she has certainly made her mark. If you’ve heard ‘Friends’, you’ll definitely want to keep on her good side. More here…

The Beths + Bedford Falls + Slagheap – Crofters Rights

Future Me Hates Me may well be another of those albums that stealthily inserts itself into more end-of-year ‘Best Of’ lists than you’d expect. The debut album by Auckland, New Zealand’s The Beths, has a sunny, fuzzy, grungey feel to it. The title track may remind us of our modern ability to worry about what hasn’t happened yet, but it’s fair to say that your future you won’t be too impressed if you don’t go on Monday. More here

Tuesday 6th November

Olden Yolk

Olden Yolk + The Jelas – Crofters Rights

Psychedelic New Yorkers, Olden Yolk, capture the frenetic nature of their home city in their own brand of far-out urban folk. The project started as a solo experiment by Shane Butler, but it quickly turned into a duo with Caity Shaffer. The way their vocals interlink, layered over busy melodies, feels like a generous meditation to help us through a crazy world. More here…

Jehst + Pitch 92 + Confucius MC + Jazz T – Fleece

He’s been on the rap scene for fifteen years, but Jehst remains invigorated. His 2017 album, Billy Green Is Dead showed categorically that with age comes wisdom and innovation, such as touring with a full live band. Through dedication to his craft, he has, over the last fifteen years, proved himself as the gold-standard for UK rap lyricism. More here…

Wednesday 7th November

Jane Weaver + Mia La Metta – Trinity

The architects have chucked substantial scaffolding around Trinity recently. ‘The Architect’ formed the foundation stone for Jane Weaver’s highly-esteemed 2017 release, Modern Kosmology. Frequently sounding like spacewalk synth-folk, the soundscapes woven are as broad as they are deep, not to mention transportive. Midweek mindwarp available at the Trinity Centre. More here…


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