The lyrics to Craig David’s 7 Days may make it sound like the narrator is living the life of the ultimate player, but isn’t it just true that he’s just missing out on rather important gigging time? Now if it was “Took her to a gig on Tuesday/ And on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday/ We gigged on Sunday,” I’d think he had his priorities straight. Here’s our seven days of unmissables – this week’s Gigs of the Week.

Friday 21st September

Adult Mom

Adult Mom – Specialist Subject

There ought to be an album where Hockey Dad, UNKLE, Middle Kids and Adult Mom perform songs by The Fat White Family, with a surprise cameo from STEPS. I’d buy it. That said, there is an Adult Mom album called ‘I Fell In Love By Accident’ and one called ‘Soft Spots’. Lo-fi and eminently loveable, catch them at Specialist Subject and be wooed. More here…

Saturday 22nd September

No Violet + Chiyoda Ku – Crofters Rights 

No shrinking violets, this Bristol quartet’s debut EP, Faces takes no prisoners. ‘Be My Friend’ sits between needy fragility and latent aggression, such is the clouded nature of ‘friendship’ in the digital era. Rhys Graham’s guitar and Ellie Godwin’s vocals give you Pixies vs Babes In Toyland. On ‘Behaviour’, she sings, “I don’t wanna fall out. What you gonna do now?” See No Violet at The Crofters Rights, obvs. More here…

Sunday 23rd September

The Goon Sax

The Goon Sax + Gork – Grain Barge

Trying to work out what their name might mean is rather like trying to second-guess what The Goon Sax are likely to sing next. These Australian waifs and strays can tell wry tales of life’s partial successes and miniature disasters, or deliver jangly tunes, with pathos-laden accounts of woe. See them in such an intimate space while you still can. More here…

Saltwater Sun + The Belishas – Hy Brasil

If your primary experience of Reading involves a dirty burger at the M4 service station, then you ought to be able to upgrade your point of reference to the town’s five-piece, Saltwater Sun. They defined their own music to London in Stereo as ‘electrifying, shimmery indie-pop’. You’ll never be seasonally-affected with a regular dose of Saltwater Sun. More here…


Spectres + Bo Gritz + Sans + EP/64- Crofters Rights 

Our man Stuart Tidy described Spectres as having “all the poise of an undertaker, but with the ferocity of a rabid dog,” earlier in the year. Whatever the diametric opposite of bubblegum pop is, this would be its sonic definition. That said, a ‘spectre’ is usually substanceless and ethereal. Spectres’ doom rock is as concrete and tangible as you can get. More here…

Zander Sharp (EP Launch) + Slonk + Kate Stapley – Café Kino

If you’ve kept up with the recent stories we’ve run on Zander Sharp’s new music, you’ll know that he’s a supreme fiddler, but also brings a fine folky baritone and some subtle guitar to his emotive compositions. If you’ve been really closely, you’ll also know that he sometimes adds percussion by thumping himself in the chest. If you’ve heard ‘Settlements’, you ought to be beyond curious to hear what else he’s got up his sleeve. More here…

Tuesday 25th September

Youssef Dayes

Yussef Dayes + Charlotte Dos Santos – Exchange

London is a big place, or so I’m told, with a fair bit going on. So it’s no wonder that it follows Bristol’s example in its pioneering modern jazz scene. If you saw Alfa Mist in the summer at Thekla, you’re surely already up for seeing Yussef Dayes at Exchange on Tuesday night. Let his drumming beat you into pleasant submission. More here…

Mitski – Trinity

It’s an inherent part of your childhood to Be The Cowboy, the title of Mitski’s new album. We all either play the role in childhood games with two fingers for a gun, or we play it metaphorically as we grow up by being the rebel, the cool outsider, the anti-heroic lone wolf. Mitski manages to be the outsider, but with a combination of swagger and vulnerability. More here…

Spring King + Zebrafi + Ed The Dog – Thekla
Spring King’s recent album, A Better Life, was more taxing on the ear than people may have expected. It was also suitably taxing on your grey matter. A track like ‘Animal’ from earlier in the year is a real example of how this album is more ominous and predatory, stalking the listener intently. Make sure you have a pint for when they play the excellent chorus on ‘Let’s Drink’. More here…


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