When any community comes under attack, you naturally feel even more aware of the importance of your own one. We love you, Bristol. We stand with Christchurch.

Here are our latest Gigs of the Week for your delectation:

Thursday 21st March

Self Esteem
Self Esteem (Photo: Charlotte Patmore)

Self Esteem + Ralph TV – Thekla

Rebecca Taylor told us in this month’s magazine, “You can hear it in Slow Club records – I was ready to do this kind of thing and I couldn’t do it in the band,so it was time to go – for my own well-being.” Heat her solo material as Self Esteem at Thekla. For your well-being too.

Hush Mozey – Café Kino

Whether you’ve celebrated cheating sleep by doing an all-nighter. your team not getting relegated or the shelf you erected not falling down, why not seize upon the new single ‘Staying Up’ by local drowsy-rock lovelies, Hush Mozey as your new anthem? You can hear it at Café Kino on Thursday.


Swindle + Eva Lazarus + Javeon – Fiddlers

Swindle is not afraid of confronting gritty truths, but is also a strong advocator of togetherness through troubled times. The Colston Hall Presents series is really hitting its mark in bringing the great and the good to the city with spectacular diversity. Let there be ‘no more normal’ in your life this Thursday.

Desperate Journalist + She Makes War + Oh, The Guilt – Exchange

Indie-goth ‘angry janglers’, Desperate Journalist have been earning consistent praise for their recent release, In Search of the Miraculous. The name refers to the pursuit of the borderline unobtainable and fine line we tread between aiming high and over-reaching. Go in search of the fabulous to Exchange on Thursday.

Friday 22nd March


Konketsu – Leftbank

We premiered the single , ‘Lucky Charms’ from new Bristol outfit, Konketsu, at the end of February. Building on the soulful blueprint laid out by first offerings ‘Regular’ and ‘Jersey’, ‘Lucky Charms’ sees the quintet pull in more idiosyncrasies to create a retro-futuristic, hook-laden odyssey.

Saturday 23rd March

wych elm + Cruelty + Vrillon – Rough Trade

You’ll have seem crop up so many times in Gigs of the Week in 2018 as a support for yet another band that wanted them on their bill. You’ll have seen them in our New Sounds 2019 list. You may have heard the new EP, Rat Blanket and you might have checked out the recent session that wych elm did for us. If not, why not?

Monday 25th March

Jake Isaac

Jake Isaac + Chloe Foy – Louisiana

‘Spirituality’ can be a bit of a contentious word for some, but when you feel the strength of the spirit of humanity that emanates from the urban folk music of Jake Isaac, you feel its inherent beauty and how it can feed your mind. He recently recorded ‘Boy and a Blade’, showing that it’s not just grime that can provide pertinent social commentary.

Hysterical Injury + RLR + COIMS – Crofters Rights

To combine an album launch and a farewell tour sounds tantalisingly sombre. What if you go and see them, fall in love and then know that you’ll never see them any more? Sounds like Romeo and Juliet… That said, if you don’t catch Bath’s Hysterical Injury, you’ll never have those golden memories to look back upon.

Tuesday 26th March


NAO + Jamie Isaac – O2 Academy

Calling your album Saturn promises a sense of astral dreaminess. Phrases like ‘out of this world’ are appropriate when you think of NAO, as there’s a transcendence you can get from her sound. So, it may seem like slightly odd logic, but in order to be taken to another place, you’ll have to cross the O2’s threshold first. Do it.

Wednesday 27th March

Sharon Van Etten
Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten + The Golden Filter – SWX

February’s cover star, Sharon Van Etten spoke movingly about time and change, about vulnerability, and the redemptive power of falling in love. The power of a strongly emotive set of songs cascading out hard-hittingly, live, means that you probably ought to bring the tissues to SWX.

HEALTH + Bliss Signal – Exchange

HEALTH are not one of those bands whom you can easily label. There’s an industrial heaviness, yet a more ethereal melancholy from synth lines.  Following on from 2015’s Death MagicVol. 4, their 2019 album Vol.4:: Slaves of Fear sounds (by title) like you’re about to get an earful of guttural growl, but there’s so much more subtlety to look forward to at Exchange.

Julia Jacklin
Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin + Olympia – Fleece

Even before 2016’s Don’t Let the Kids Win, Julia Jacklin was always a reliable go-to for wry, observational cathartic indie-folk, but that album and her latest offering, Crushing has made her one of the most sought-after exponents of the genre. Winning in life is a rare pleasure. Here’s your chance.

Anteros – Rough Trade

Where We Land came out on 1st March. Touching down at Rough Trade this week, London-based four-piece Anteros will undoubtedly have attendees at their show on Wednesday entirely au fait with the lyrics of all the songs. That’s partly because three weeks ought to be plenty of time to learn them, but they’re also so bloody catchy.


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