Saturday night’s outrageous abundance of choice makes you wish that there was a Bristol gig overlord with a centralised, co-ordinated calendar (not going to happen/defo not volunteering). Still, Saturday Night Takeaway isn’t on ITV this weekend, so you might just have to leave your sofa and go out and do something that bit less domesticated instead.

If, like us, you’ve had enough of queuing in toe-deep snow to panic-buy cheap white bread and as much semi-skimmed as you can carry, or alternatively if you’re sick of malingering in your office, photoshopping Russian hats onto politicians, why not get frisky, embrace the advent of spring and celebrate by awarding yourself a gig or five?

Thursday 22nd March

Young Fathers
Young Fathers

Young Fathers + WWWater – Trinity
Young Fathers’ output constitutes a veritable game of ‘Guess The Genre.’ The moment you think you’ve got them neatly pigeonholed, they’ve side-stepped you and you’ve fallen on your arse. They’re rap – except they’re not. They’re dub-ish (sometimes). The Edinburgh-based trio won the 2014 Mercury Prize and, rather than it being one giant millstone, as it has been for some, they seem unburdened judging by the sound of their new album, Cocoa SugarMore here…

The Wytches + Captain Süün – Exchange
Straight outta Peterborough, The Wytches know how to create a hefty chunk of sonic satisfaction. Being signed to the eminently-reliable Heavenly Records (and Partisan in the US) further demonstrates how that impressive wall of psych-rock sound hasn’t gone unnoticed. The citizens of Bristol have done them proud already, with demand for this show leading it to be switched to a bigger venue. I suspect they’ll return the compliment several times over with their performance on Thursday night. More here…


Gwenno – Louisiana
Celebrating the Cornish side of her heritage, Gwenno follows up her debut Welsh-language album by singing in Cornish on Le Kov. I can imagine a little-spoken language like Cornish coming in mightily handy when a born-and-bred native of The Lizard wants to say what they really think about the seasonal invasion of middle-class nerks with body boards. Gwenno’s sound is as mesmeric in its beauty as that county’s wild coastline. More here…

Yazmin Lacey + China Bowls + Nepo X Temko – Crofters Rights
Sometimes a voice is the only instrument you need to guarantee a night of exquisite sound. Yazmin Lacey’s rich tones, full of jazz-soaked soul, make for such listening. Despite those genres being rooted in the past, there’s a modern edge to what she does. Whatever other instrumentation resides on her tracks, it merely serves to gild something that is already rich and luxurious. Her Black Moon EP of 2017 has that upbeat, late-night Morcheeba feel. More here…

Saturday 24th March

Oliver Wilde
Oliver Wilde

GERM Issue 2 Launch: Oliver Wilde + MXLX + Kayla Painter – Exchange
The noble crusade of The Bristol GERM began in November, seeking to “pierce the great malaise in which our people have wandered like ghosts.” That launch show sold out and with Oliver Wilde (featured in edition one) headlining, there’s every reason to believe that Saturday evening will continue to see the burgeoning evolution of this noble creature. Factor in some MXLX and a full AV set from Kayla Painter and the by-no-means-quiet revolution continues. More here…

Django Django + Man of Moon + Self Esteem – SWX
So good, they named them twice, BLM’s March cover stars, Django Django are taking their new baby, Marble Skies on a scenic tour to meet the extended family. Not only that, but drummer David Maclean told our man, Will Perkins, that they were bringing versions of existing songs that will be, “a bit louder, a bit more bombastic, a bit faster and a bit longer than on the records.” Akin to Young Fathers above, seeking to categorise them feels more awkward than the Prime Minister fist-bumping randomers on a walkabout in Salisbury. More here…

Madonnatron + Twin – Hy-Brasil
Trashmouth Records proudly state, “Much in the manner a devotional feline will proudly massacre vermin, leaving its sacrificial remains to fetter your hallway carpet, we bring you Madonnatron.” Murky thoughts and shadowy temptations leak out of these post-punk songs, to the point where they sting your ears. But you can’t switch off from them. Imagine a mass pilgrimage to the altar of St Rancid of Assisi. Think of four voices, constantly murmuring, “Fair is foul and foul is fair.” Divinely disturbing. More here…

Weekend Recovery
Weekend Recovery

Weekend Recovery + Kiss My Acid + Vertigo Violet + Tokyo Taboo – Stag and Hounds
You have to book a band called Weekend Recovery on a Saturday night. It’s the law. If you’ve had a tough working week and you need a bit of tuneful soothing, Kent quartet, Weekend Recovery, will be as much use as a fart in a spacesuit. Their energetic garage-punk and the arrestingly magnetic antics of front woman, Lorin, have all of the quiet-night-in-ness of a domestic disturbance. If your weekend recovery involves blasting the week’s drudgery from your mind, this is the gig for you. More here…

Slonk + Hollow Mask + Falling Stacks – The Old Bookshop
Joe Sherrin, aka Slonk, plays his first live show of 2018 at The Old Bookshop on Saturday night. He’s just released a split EP with Flat Rufus, aka his brother Harry (also of Milo’s Planes), which we featured as a ‘First Listen’ just the other day. Signs are, from the new material, that there are likely to be moments of bliss and moments of despair on the forthcoming album, Everything Falls Into Place, his epic tribute to the game of Tetris. I made that last bit up. More here…

Hush Mozey + Rainmaker + wych elm + Television Villain – Mothers Ruin
Launching their debut EP, Tales of Bigotry, at Mothers Ruin, Bristol’s Hush Mozey bring a blues-influenced, self-proclaimed “drowsy rock & roll’ sound that may draw favourable comparisons to bands like The Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, but also the ska of The Specials. Recent single, ‘A Place For Them’ draws upon the sound belief that there’s a vital place in life for the agitators and trouble-makers. If restlessness and discontent are the necessities of progress, then Hush Mozey are on the way up. More here…

Tuesday 27th March

The Magic Gang
The Magic Gang

The Magic Gang + Our Girl + Boy Azooga – Thekla
Magic, as anyone knows, is a massive con trick. So when every muso with a tablet and wi-fi was busying themselves posting about how bloody marvellous The Magic Gang was, my contrarian brain did a quick “Hey Presto” and conjured up some industrial-grade resistance on my part. And then I actually listened to them. Not only are they bloody marvellous, but their energetic, melodic indie rock makes for damn pleasant listening. ‘Getting Along’ is (unsurprisingly) the sound of my cynicism melting. Reckon I sang along by the final chorus too. More here…

Wednesday 28th March

Tropic + Zebrafi + Viewfinder – Louisiana
In conjunction with the launch of their new single, ‘No Cigar,’ on Leisure Records, Tropic play the Louisiana on Wednesday. Not only that, but you can also pick up an accompanying zine featuring artwork from the Bristol trio’s world. When the call to support Party Hardly in February came, they embraced it richly and were well received. Now they deservedly step up and headline their own show. Get right up close to them as you can and see if they’re as toasty warm as they sound. More here…


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