There are a few golden rules for late November: It’s not time for bed when the sun goes down; No Christmas music before 1st December and Gig tickets make for great Christmas presents. We’re another week closer to Mariah Carey on an infernal loop, but before that happens, here are our Gigs of the Week that are more likely to make you genuinely full of seasonal joy.

Thursday 22nd November

Only Girl

Only Girl + Elena – Hy-Brasil

The voice is a phenomenal instrument. Only Girl is living proof. She could sing almost anything (a Haynes car manual/A large takeaway order) in almost any style (maybe not Mongolian throat singing) and you’d be rapturously closing your eyes. Electro-pop and R&B happen to be her genres of expertise. Check out her recent Release EP.

Sundays & Cybele + Arno – Old England

A band formed in Tokyo in 2004 that takes its name from a film made in France in 1962? Surely that’s piqued your curiosity just a little bit? Take a listen to something like ‘Waiting For You’ from Enter The Time Mirror, and it has a psychedelic Pink Floyd-meets-Jimi Hendrix, ‘so chilled you could keep a side of beef in it for a month’ groove.


Tancred + The Winter Passing + Miss Kill – Rough Trade

Former Now, Now guitarist, Jess Abbott has recorded four albums now as Tancred, including the 2018 release, Nightstand. Before the invention of the flushing toilet, nightstands were designed to house a chamber pot, to enable a spot of overnight micturation. Tancred’s powerful music lets you get all sorts of things out of your system.

Last of the Wonder Kids + The Cat Magic – Mr Wolf’s

Cleethorpes is renowned for being near Grimsby, which in turn is well-known for being near Cleethorpes, on the North Lincolnshire coast (otherwise known as ‘Where’s that?’ by many people in the South West). No need to worry, partly because the indie-fuzz-pop of Last of the Wonder Kids threatens to put it on that map, and also because they’re coming to Bristol.

Jam Baxter

Jam Baxter + Datkid + Teeth Ledger + DJ Sammy B Side + Bozak + Bailey S Brown + Lucy Lee – The Attic

High Focus Records have been a barometer for high-quality UK rap for almost a decade, so it’s no surprise that Jam Baxter has sold out The Attic on Thursday night. Check out the track ‘Mask’, featuring Rag’n’Bone Man and OG Rootz that was released on 16th November, not just for the sharp delivery, but for the video that’ll put you off dining out for ever.

King Nun + Vrillion – Louisiana

London four-piece, King Nun, were much vaunted by DIY Magazine as part of their ‘Class of 2018’ feature. They were very much the new kids of the new wave, having debuted with ‘Tulip’ near the end of 2016. On ‘Family Portrait’, lead singer, Theo Polyzoides declares, “It’s fine to be angry.” Give King Nun your time and you ought to find you achieve the opposite.

Friday 23rd November

Barbara Morgenstern

Barbara Morgenstern + Rosena – The Cube

It’s not as if there hasn’t been a few German electrosythpop exponents over the years, but Barbara Morgenstern has given us all manner of wonky keys with off-kilter filters for nearly two decades now. ‘Brainfuck’ does precisely what is says on the tin, but you need to head to The Cube to get the full cerebral force of the second syllable of that title.

Kraftwerk rewerk + Max Cooper (Live AV Set) – Marble Factory

During Simple Things Festival 2017, kraftwerk re:werk appeared as a hypnotic blend of symphonic and electronic instruments. The British Paraorchestra became the synthesizer: far less portable, but equally impactful. Hear them as they play Trans Europe Express, reflecting more nostalgically than Kraftwerk might have done in a different political context.

Easy Life

Easy Life + Kofi Stone – Louisiana

Did you catch Easy Life on Later… With Jools Holland? People usually seem to self-censor when they bring their sweary songs to Jools’ party, but lead singer Murray managed a juicy f-bomb at the start of ‘Nightmares’. That might not make them the world’s most daring rebels, but there’s something carefree and easy-going about their indie/hip-hop rhythms.

Modern Vampires + Polly Money – Hydra Bookshop

Nathan Cable and Ruth Shave perform as Modern Vampires. Their most recent release, Midnight Pine, tells short stories of the quiet moments in people’s life and the bittersweet moments that crop up. Deliberately understated in arrangement, the songs strike with their stark approach. Modern Vampires are an excellent reason to go out at night.

Monday 26th November

Lydmor + Emily Magpie – Louisiana

Denmark is regarded as one of the happiest countries in the world. Lydmor an obvious contributor to this national contentedness with her upbeat electro-pop. Expect fantastic and eccentric tales, set to beats that you feel as much as you hear. The upstairs room of The Louisiana may well take off on Monday night. Somebody warn air traffic control.

Tuesday 27th November

Clean Cut Kid

Clean Cut Kid + Zuzu – Exchange

Having made a very well-received debut with Felt in April 2017, Clean Cut Kid played a hectic festival circuit that summer and then went quiet. Quiet didn’t equal inactive though. They went through personnel change on bass, built a studio and came back with a marginally more clean-cut look and a more mellifluous Fleetwood Mac-leaning sound on ‘Emily’.

Rakta + Falling Stacks + Fever 103 – Rough Trade

Formed in São Paulo, Brazil in 2012, Rakta have spent the time since thumbing their nose at genre-labels and doing whatever they bloody well feel like doing. The ethos comes from punk, the output comes from the heart first and the head second, so that it feels like instinct prevails over excessive thought in their composition. Beautifully unconventional.


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