If you’ve received exam results today or last week, then you’ll have experienced some highs and lows between you. Whatever outcomes you may have earned, rest assured that those humblebrag ‘I could spell DUDE with my results and it didn’t hold me back’ Tweets are as annoyingly true as they are annoyingly annoying. It’s all highs and no lows here, as we point you towards the Gigs of the Week that ought to make you smile. Enjoy!

Thursday 23rd August

Bad Sounds
Bad Sounds

Bad Sounds – Rough Trade
Bad Sounds’ debut album, Get Better came out on Friday. Their band name may be an obvious double-bluff, but their album title most definitely is not. They go from strength to strength. Check out Christian Northwood’s feature on them in this month’s magazine. More here…

Faeland + Larkham & Hall + Sloe Jam – Lansdown
Bristol’s folk-pop collective, Faeland, brought out the album All My Swim earlier this year. They give you sounds that can be sparse and folky, as on the title track, or fuller and more poppy, such as on ‘We’re Just A Love Song’. Either way, you’re guaranteed songwriting at its most appealing and enchanting. More here…

Bilge Pump (with Marc Riley)

Bilge Pump + Motes + Slagheap – Old England
A bilge pump purges the depths of a boat of the crud-filled liquid that settles there. There’s a similar sense of what Bilge Pump can do to the recesses of your mind, with heft and with humour. If you seek a ‘new you’, give yourself a sensory slam at The Old England with their dense blend of noise rock and post-punk. Imagine a heavy Half Man Half Biscuit. More here…

Prudent Primate – Canteen
What if the average election gave us the chance to vote for a prudent primate? How different the world would be. Any non-knuckle-dragging biped would justify their sentient status by considering giving heed to the big sound of Prudent Primate’s progressive jazz and forward-looking funk at The Canteen. More here…

Friday 24th August

Zander Sharp

Zander Sharp + Limpet Space Race + Benjamin Spike Saunders – Louisiana
A double-headliner from Oxford’s Upcycled Sounds, Zander Sharp steps into the limelight, having put in many a shift for people like Kate Stapley and Jamie Cruickshank. Check his single ‘Settlements’ on our homepage. Limpet Space Race are the glitchy, jazz-strewn folk-pop sounds of Niko O’Brian and Hannah Jakes. More here…

Iceman Furniss + Adam Stafford + Bit Miners + Dead Pylons + Andrew Hayes – Old England
When Big Jeff picks you for an Independent Venue Week showcase, you know you’ve made it. You have to pass a stringent set of quality control criteria, including the ability to innovate, to excite and to propel limbs into all manner of celebratory gyration. Board the fun bus at the stop marked ‘jazz’ and then enjoy the mystery tour. Iceman Furniss blows a mighty horn (literally). More here…

Sunday 26th August


Qujaku + Cracked Machine + The Contact High – Old England
There’s been a steady stream of excellent Japanese bands coming through Bristol recently. They’ve been unrestrained and experimental. Sometimes they’ve just been mental. Qujaku may well blow your mind. ‘Mei’ sounds like My Bloody Valentine doing some intense, industrial-strength ironmongery. More here…

Shit Present + Dogeyed + Don’t Worry – Exchange
If you’ve ever received a reindeer onesie at Christmas or if you hanker for the preferable past rather than the shabby here and now, then you’ll have considered a shit present. A particular Shit Present that would enhance your existence plays Exchange on Sunday. More here…

Monday 27th August

Epic Beard Men

Epic Beard Men (Sage Francis & B. Dolan) – Hy Brasil 
Epic beards used to be the preserve of people like Rasputin, Gandalf or Mr Twit. Nowadays, there’s many an epic beard to be seen, many of which do not contain cornflakes. Sage Francis & B. Dolan, aka Epic Beard Men, sport epic beards and spit epic bars. Rad rap alert. More here…

Tuesday 28th August

Inwards + EP/64 + King Monday – Crofters Rights 
Signed to Small Pond Records, Kristian Shelley is a big fish whose psychedelic-synth compositions are as suitable for stock-still, entranced listening as they are for the dance floor. His moniker, Inwards, reflects how his instrumental compositions sound like a human mind turned inside out. More here…

Wednesday 29th August

Saba Lou + Snails + Vinegar – Rough Trade 
Saba Lou recorded her debut album, Planet Enigma, when she was fifteen. That said, she recorded her first EP when she was six, so she’s a veritable veteran now as she heads into her late teens. She’s also steeped in the creative juices of Berlin. Why not take your protein pills, out your helmet on and blast off for a midweek trip to Saba Lou’s enigmatic planet? More here…


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