Need warming up? Put the kettle on. Put an extra jumper on. Put a record on. Put on your gigging trousers. Huddle in a darkened room and jump around. Possibly to one of our Gigs of the Week.

Thursday 24th January


Dolls + Attic’O’Matic + Socket – Zed Alley

On their August 2018 Pop The Bubble EP, grunge-punk duo, Dolls proclaimed that ‘pop is dead’. If half an hour in the lower rings of Hell listening to the latest saccharine efforts on Shart FM doesn’t confirm this to your ears, then listening to Dolls will. Their music may be ‘Sugar Free’, but that just makes it all the more satisfyingly sharp and acerbic. More here… 

Young Fathers

Young Fathers + Petite Noir – O2 Academy

They played Trinity in 2018, owning the place so much that you’d almost believe that its name was to be rededicated to this potent triumvirate. Young Fathers had a stellar 2018. Whilst the Mercury shortlist was welcomed with the enthusiasm of Black Friday adverts and the PM’s dance routines, Cocoa Sugar was one nominee that definitely didn’t raise eyebrows. More here…

Richard Spaven + Ålesund – Rough Trade

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not the kind of person who heralds the start of a drum solo as the moment to nip out for a tactical piss. Good. You’re winning in life. Further advancement in those stakes could be gleaned from a similarly tactical visit to Rough Trade on Thursday night to hear the soul-jazz beats of Richard Spaven. As an extra reward for initiative, you get Ålesund in support. That’s karma. More here…

Friday 25th January

Marc Rebillet

Marc Rebillet – SWX

In the Dictionary of Faces, look up ‘enigmatic’ and you’ll see Marc Rebillet staring out at you. A cross between Ned Flanders and David Brent, he appeals to the inner dork that lies within us all. The YouTube bedroom hipster sold out SWX with remarkable speed. When you hear his looped jams that veer between synth-pop, soul and R&B, you won’t be in the least surprised about his songs’ success, whether you like them or not. More here…

Slonk + Cagework + The Wine Mums – Crofters Rights

Launching his single ‘Holidays’ at The Crofters Rights, Slonk promises a blend of garage-rock, folk, punk and country. The poster promoting the gig shows the details of the performance written in sand on a tide line. A night of Slonk and a day at the beach ought to be equally heartening for mind, body and soul. Cagework and The Wine Mums as support will further broaden your grin. More here…

The Messthetics – Louisiana

Fugazi began an ongoing hiatus in 2003. Leap forward fifteen years to 2018 and its rhythm section (Joe Lally and Brendan Canty) formed two-thirds of The Messthetics, releasing a self-titled album. Along with guitarist, Anthony Pirog, they sculpt brooding, looming instrumental tracks that are somewhere between post-hardcore, post-rock and prog. More here…

Saturday 26th January


TOY – Rough Trade

The day after their fourth album, Happy in the Hollow is released, TOY come to Rough Trade to showcase a sound that they describe as ‘expanded’ and ‘uncompromising’. It’s the sound of a band going DIY and, perhaps, becoming ever more authoritative. ‘Sequence One’ depicts a post-apocalyptic war zone. Expect garage-psych and motorik rhythms but with less of the previous jangle. More here…

Monday 28th January

Squirrel Flower

Squirrel Flower – Rough Trade

Ella Williams came up with her stage name, Squirrel Flower when she was a child. That’s indicative of how much music is in her bones. It’s not like she’s especially aged now, but even as a toddler, she was integral to family living room jams. She’ll be playing her reissued Contact Sports EP and other tracks live at Rough Trade on Monday evening. And it’s free. Surely you’re going. More here…

NOV3L + Cruelty + Seek Warmth – Old England

Their almost self-titled EP, NOVEL, is out in February, but Vancouver’s, NOV3L are taking New Wave and giving it a post-punk feel. They’re touring with their new material, including the track, ‘To Whom It May Concern’ that educates the modern listener that “Time is a resource/ To use and to treasure.” With the added bonus of support from Cruelty, time spent at The Old England will be time well used. More here…

Tuesday 29th January

Black Midi – Photo by Holly Whitaker (@hollyemmw)

Black Midi + Jerskin Fendrix – Rough Trade

Search for Black Midi online and you’ll get a predominance of info about versatile half-length dresses. Wade through that and you’ll just about track down this bunch of Londoners who have had the seal of approval of regulars at Brixton’s The Windmill and of Shame, who called them ‘disturbingly brilliant’. If you can disturb Shame, then you have to be worth investigating. More here…

Wednesday 30th January

Pill + Neurotic Fiction – Hy-Brasil

On a label called Mexican Summer and in a venue called Hy-Brasil, how can it not be a steaming hot night when Brooklyn quartet Pill visit on Wednesday? There’s a spiky playfulness to their sound, a dark humour that refuses to take themselves too seriously or treat their native New York too reverently. With free entry and Neurotic Fiction in support, midweek and midwinter is anything but bleak. More here…


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