Sometimes music is balm to soothe a weary mind when life gets tough. That said, sometimes music is an emotional belt sander. However much noise it makes, it blasts and grinds the crap away and lets you start again. This week’s Gigs of the Week is a distinct mix of the two. Enjoy!

Thursday 26th April


Gloria + Shoun Shoun + Arno – Old England
Gloria’s 2016 album on the wonderfully named Howlin’ Banana Records, Gloria In Excelsis Stereo, is full of shimmering vocals and Jefferson Airplane stylings. 60s/70s-inflected psych pop from this French ensemble awaits you at The Old England tonight if you need a little bit of flower power in your springtime existence, or if you’re warming up for a summer of love. More here…

Haze + Tropic + wych elm + GORK – Crofters Rights
Fresh Juice and Wax Music present a fine array of up-and-coming talent, headlined by Haze. This gig is the night before their single, ‘Ladz, Ladz, Ladz’ is officially released, so Haze launch it with this show at Crofters Rights. As launches go, their crunchy, frenetic indie rock and their challenging, forthright lyrical onslaught ought to have enough energy to propel them into space. More here…

Gigs of the Week

Spectres + Housewives + EBU – Rough Trade
Spectres, Housewives and EBU combine for a night of sonic boundary pushing at Rough Trade. Spectres have declared their intention to give the new sound system a thorough workout, as well as giving us plenty to get our heads around. If you were at Spectres’ ‘Dissolve’ night at the Exchange a year ago, you’ve probably just about recovered and are ready for more. More here…

Friday 27th April

Run Logan Run + Yama Warashi + Greg Cordez Quintet + Big Jeff (DJ) – The Cube
Bristol-based experimental duo, Run Logan Run, are about to release their debut full-length, The Delicate Balance of Terror, at the beginning of May. Mixing ambient electronica with jazz, they are mesmeric and often hypnotic. The forthcoming album considers the idea of man versus technology, but you’ll simply consider that Run Logan Run constitute those two things in splendid symbiosis. More here…

Saturday 28th April


Gengahr + Low Island – Thekla
With their second album, Where Wildness Grows having lived up to the substantial hype since its release in March, Gengahr return to Bristol to follow up their intimate Rough Trade in-store with what they hope to be a “sweaty and loud” set below decks at Thekla. They told our man Rhys in March’s BLM magazine that the live environment is where their wildness really grows. Why not go feral with them? More here…

Drunken Butterfly – Old England
If you take your inspiration from Kim Gordon, Babes in Toyland, PJ Harvey and Patti Smith, and you’re also from Bristol, you blatantly have a lot going for you. Drunken Butterfly combine a punk ethos, with a heavy, looming acoustic folk sound. How ominous and grungy can a ukulele sound? Find out here. More here…

Sunday 29th April

Kele Okereke

Kele Okereke – Louisiana
Primarily known as the vocal power of Bloc Party, associated with dance-infused, high-energy indie belters, Kele Okereke has taken a mellower approach over recent years since his album Fatherland. Don’t expect music that’ll wake up the neighbours at the Louisiana. Some of it won’t even wake the baby. The best thing about the new quiet intimacy – you get even more prominence of that priceless voice. More here…

Have You Ever See The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? + The Gin Birkins – Hy-Brasil
HYESTJFAVHS?, as they’re sensibly only ever referred to on paper, began as a Finnish 80s-style synth-pop band, but it’s fair to say they changed a wee bit when Susse Stemme-Sihvola joined on bass. Listen to ‘Bambi Act’ from January’s album Jazzbelle 1984/1988 and you’ll think that The Inspiral Carpets have teamed up with The Ramones to cover some 60s girl groups. Lunacy of the finest disorder. More here…

Tuesday 1st May

Heavy Lungs

Heavy Lungs + YOUTH – Crofters Rights
A punk band from Bristol? Whatever next? Got over your cynicism yet? Just go and listen to Heavy Lungs’ debut EP, Abstract Thoughts; that should sort you out. A dose of ‘Poster Boy’ or ‘Stutter’ ought to confirm that Bristol bristles with seething creativity and fierce humanity. If you’ve recently partaken in the indulgent, live, three-course, Bristolian sonic feed-up of LICE, IDLES and Spectres, let Heavy Lungs be the drop of absinthe that you wash it down with. More here…

Tap The Feed Presents: Smash Parkinson’s Disease Fundraiser – Hy Brasil
Our glorious comrades at Tap The Feed present Voyages, Pink Hotel and Stone Cold Fiction, with a DJ set from Bite The Buffalo at Hy-Brasil, all to raise awareness of, and funds for Parkinson’s UK. It’s all inspired by TTF writer James Wilkinson’s recent diagnosis and curated to celebrate the life-affirming power of music and the communities it fosters. More here…

Wednesday 2nd May

Henry Green

Henry Green + Rosie Carney – Exchange
Henry Green’s debut album arrived at the end of March. Entitled Shift, it showed this local electronic artist taking a giant leap into a more ambient realm of ethereal synths. ‘Another Light’ is the sound of the early hours of a summer’s day and ‘Something’ consistently evokes that purring satisfaction that unconditional love can bring. Chillout has rarely sounded so warm. More here…

Mexrrissey – Trinity
Mexican, mildly Mariachi Mozza sounds like someone’s idea of a piss-take, until ‘Cada Dia Es Domingo’ strikes up and you realise that a brass part was just what ‘Every Day Is Like Sunday’ needed all along. Straight out of the Salford Muchachos’ Club (Mexico City, actually), this tour reinterprets The Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead with love and care. You get classic songs, a bit more upbeat, and without the arch, incendiary chat in between. More here…


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