Should we talk about the weather? Should we talk about the government?

I might guess that you’ve been profoundly over-exposed to both topics recently, so how about we just dive straight into talking about another week of shit-hot gigs, eh?

Thursday 26th July


Juniore + High Climbers + Captain Süün + Swallow Cave – Crofters Rights

Parisian indie-pop with a touch of shadowy surf (anyone ever tried to surf on the Seine?), an atmospheric cloud of Gauloise and a flower or two in its hair, Juniore bring you music to freak out to. They are, as their recent track suggests, ‘Magnifique’. More here…

Friday 27th July


Hookworms – Rough Trade

Whether or not the Mercury judges have listed this album tomorrow (they should have), Microshift by Hookworms has provided us with some of the finest sounds of the year. This one’s rescheduled from the show they had to postpone in February, but good things come to those who wait. More here…

Summer Sux: An Evening of Gloom and Rage – Mothers Ruin

Oooh, don’t you get irritated in the hot weather? Slow walkers in shopping centres making you stand in the glaring sun that little bit longer. Public transport that reeks grievously. If such things make you trickle with perspiring ire, then get to The Mothers Ruin for the cathartic racket of seven bands, headlined by Sugar Horse. More here…

Milo’s Planes + Frank & Beans + Radiators – Crofters Rights

If Milo’s Planes flew out of Bristol Airport, I’m confident many a wise traveller would compare them to other carriers, many from the cut-price airlines sector, and regard them as a much more edifying prospect, both in terms of the quality of in-flight entertainment, and just how exciting the take-off and landing can be. More here…

Saturday 28th July

Nicholson Heal

Nicholson Heal + Emily Isherwood + Katie Pham & The Moonbathers + Two Day Coma  – Exchange

Breakfast Records present us with the chance to join Nicholson Heal at Exchange as they launch their debut album, Big Jupe after two years of writing and recording. ‘Jupe’ is French for ‘dress’, isn’t it? Make sure you wear your best frock. More here…

Fat Lip Fest – SWX/Lanes/Rough Trade

Three venues, ten-and-a-half hours and more shaken-up energy released than the average F1 podium champagne-wasteage travesty. Apart from urging you sincerely to catch Pushing Daisies on the Rough Trade Stage, you can also go apeshit, amongst others, to Mallory KnoxHacktivist, Black Peaks and DecadeMore here…

Yawning Man + Sons of Alpha Centauri + Ruby The Hatchet + Enos + Jungfrau – Louisiana

There’s yawning because you’ve had a bit of a late night watching box sets, there’s yawning because you’re bored shitless at work, or there’s yawning because you’re a little bit soporific from listening to the stoner rock of Californians, Yawning ManMore here…

Sunday 29th July

That Dog Was A Band Now + Vinegar + Morning Tourist + Ead Wood – Old England

Winners of the What Does Your Band Name Mean? Award for the past five years, That Dog Was A Band Now play what they describe as ‘Swedish Canadian Americana’. Earlier this year, they sang ‘Don’t Break My Heart’. Make them feel loved on Sunday at The Old England. More here…

Monday 30th July

The Burning Hell

The Burning Hell + ¡Ay Carmela! – Louisiana 

There have been enough serious fires out in the big, wide world to remind us just what an irresistible and consuming force that element can be. That said, the world seems ablaze from political pyromaniacs. If we’re all going to frazzle, then we’d do worse than choose The Burning Hell‘s good-humoured indie-rock as our apocalyptic soundtrack. More here…

Tuesday 31st July

Tugboat Captain + Ead Wood + Yonic + Rooskin + T.S. Idiot (MC) – Mr Wolf’s

Tugboats steer much larger crafts to a secure haven. The captain of the tugboat has a responsibility to ensure that all passengers on that larger vessel are safe and well. Tugboat Captain‘s gauzy dream-pop can often feel like the smoothest of glides into harbour, followed by a prolonged visit to the nearest tavern. More here…


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