There’s something deeply satisfying about the concept of heading out to a gig while it’s still light and without the eternal ‘Can I get away without a coat?’ conundrum. March’s news is likely to be further hijacked by political doom-mongering shenanigans, so if it’s welcome and positive distraction you seek – look no further than Gigs of the Week.

Thursday 28th February

She Drew The Gun

She Drew The Gun + Man & The Echo + Katy J Pearson – Fleece

Revolution of Mind sounds like rather a healthy process. If you read about Louisa Roach’s inspiration behind the poetical/political/personal psych-pop that she makes under the moniker of She Drew The Gun, you wouldn’t be surprised at her new album’s title. And you’d be first to sign up for the cause. Chuck in Man & The Echo as support and the revolution is complete. More here…

EP/64 + Marcy + Frank & Beans + Rainbow Yawn – Exchange

EP/64 could almost be called ESP/64, as their music sits on the edge of the multi-sensory and where the extra-sensory kicks in. Started by vocalist Dali de St Paul in 2016, the project features Bristol’s finest experimental musicians, and will perform 64 times and then stop. Seize this opportunity while you can – and raise some cash for the bands who lost their gear in the Netham Road fire recently. More here…


Friday 1st March

Gigs of the Week
Tank and the Bangas

Tank and the Bangas + Sweet Crude – SWX

Either adopting or earning the nickname ‘Tank’ as a compliment usually takes some formidable trait or other. Winning the 2017 NPR Tiny Desk Contest is also no mean feat. Since then, the Louisiana collective of Tank and the Bangas have come out from behind their desk, sounding like Superorganism, The Go! Team and Outkast on heavy-strength Haribo, but still irresistibly themselves. More here…

Massive Attack – Steel Yard (also Saturday 2nd) 

Knowing that Massive Attack released Mezzanine twenty years ago might make you open-mouthed and slack-jawed, especially at how time has flown. The fantastic news is that age is a state of mind, and you can party like it’s 1999 to the album at the specially-constructed indoor venue, Steel Yard, at Filton Airfield, where there seems to be space to build a permanent arena (please can someone do this?). More here…

Winnebago Drive-By + Blackbird Origin – Golden Lion

I’ve never contemplated a drive-by – not sure what the most suitable vehicle is for one. Along with mobility scooters, milkfloats and tractors, however, I assume that a winnebago might be unwise in carrying out the perfect crime. If you didn’t catch Winnebago Drive-By and their Americana-soaked rock at the Kingsdown Vaults in December, get thee to The Golden Lion – by any transport available. More here…

Saturday 2nd March

Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins – Marble Factory

In the vaguely possible eventuality that the Mercury Prize don’t put Singularity by Jon Hopkins on their next shortlist, there’s every chance that fans of some of the most ambient and psychedelic music might just lose their blissed-out shit. Symphonic electronics, his compositions demand listening to as a suite, defying the digital quick-click. He is the playlist. More here…

IDER – Crofters Rights

In the video to ‘Mirror’, Lily Somerville and Megan Markwick exist in parallel screens and frequently mirror each other, up to the point where the screen divide disappears and they sing face-to-face. IDER is the ultimate sisterfromanothermisterhood, synth-driven and introspective, with guts, gusto, gumption and two ferocious hearts that beat as one. More here…   

Sunday 3rd March

Laura Gibson

Laura Gibson + Nadine Khouri – Louisiana

You’ll have felt a sense of loss at the end of a gig before; it’s a rudimentary variation on mourning, the sense that things will never be thus again. If so, then the most recent Laura Gibson album, Goners, will not only give you that sense when played live, but it’ll also address transience and loss in its scintillating alt-folk tracks. More here…

Tuesday 5th March

audiobooks + La-Z-Eye- Louisiana

Evangeline Ling and David Wrench are audiobooks, a pair of wonky pop bards who tell especially tall-seeming tales, frequently like those dreams that appear like reality and you have to lurch back to consciousness and actively work out whether or not you’ve been in the land of nod at all. Last year’s Now! (In a Minute) was a meisterwork of quirk. More here…

Wednesday 6th March


FEET + Redwood + Hum Fuzz + The Shuks – Louisiana

They’ve been going strong for too much time now for any hilarious puns about ‘finding their feet’ or ‘standing on their own two feet’ to have legs at all. They had a dynamic 2018, including supporting Declan McKenna. FEET‘s blend of garage and post-punk with the odd jangly twang ought to be a shoe-in for your Wednesday choice. More here…

worriedaboutsatan + LTO – Café Kino

Worried about Satan? Me too – old Beelzebub seems to be spreading himself rather thin in appearing in the guise of numerous influential figures recently. Surely that must be knackering. Yorkshire duo worriedaboutsatan have just released an album, Revenant, that sounds like the soundtrack to the pock-rockalypse. Catch their cinematic sound at Café Kino. More here…


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