Henry Rollins probably nailed it when he suggested, “Musicians should not play music. Music should play musicians.” Week-on-week, Bristol is full of fine creative forces who put themselves out there so that they can be fulfilled and our lives, in turn, can be enriched. We salute all those who bring the inspiration of good noise to the city this week. Here’s our pick of what’s out there. Enjoy!

Thursday 28th June

Emily Magpie

Emily Magpie + Hallelugenia + Jacques, A Robin – Café Kino

An evening of ‘dark, soft, freaky beats’ in Café Kino’s basement culminates in tracks called ‘Ghost’ and ‘The Witching Hour’ by virtue of the haunting, enchanting electronica of Emily Magpie. This offering is no trick and very much a treat. More here…

Friday 29th June

Minus Pilots + SALTINGS + Stereocilia + ANH – Café Kino

Percussionist Max Pittori and bassist Adam Barringer put together evocative soundscapes. What they evoke could easily be anything from the soundtrack to birth or the afterlife. The biggest ‘minus’ you can attribute to seeing them is a reduction to your stress levels. More here…

Saturday 30th June

Ata Kak

Ata Kak + Kinlaw + Sunun + Chukwudi – Fiddlers

When Ghanaian, Ata Kak released Obaa Sima in 1994, it didn’t quite have the same chart impact as Wet Wet Wet’s ‘Love Is All Around,’ yet when an American musicologist discovered his leftfield rap-funk eight years later, he began a series called Awesome Tapes From Africa. Enough said. More here…

Husky Tones + Larkham and Hall – Louisiana

Considering the origins of punk and blues music, it ought to come as no surprise that Husky Tones are launching an EP called I Don’t Give A Damn Anymore. It’s an anthem devoted to declaring modern life a decidedly silly game, then refusing to play along and instead having a large drink/smoke/donut/sweary outbreak. More here…

Tara Clerkin Trio

Tara Clerkin Trio + Karl Band – Rough Trade

A double-headliner for your Saturday evening pleasure awaits at Rough Trade from the Tara Clerkin Trio and Karl Band. Existing somewhere in a zone between Stonehenge, The Magic Roundabout and Joanna Newsom, you’ll be transported by Tara Clerkin and company, before Karl Band give you the soundtrack to the trippiest film never made. More here…

Pork Pie + H. Grimace + Gork – The Hare on the Hill

A band named Pork Pie on a label named Breakfast sounds like an epic combination, unless you’re a vegan, a pig or a devout worshipper of All-Bran. Check out the sombre absurdity of the burial of a loaf of bread on the video to the low, rolling, post-punk growl of ‘Dinner and Wine.’ More here…

Sunday 1st July

The Malago Ballroom

The Malago Ballroom + Sextape + Kate Stapley + Benjamin Spike Saunders – Crofters Rights

When it’s as hot at Cabot Circus as it is on the Costa Del Sol, then Bristol is the place to be. Why plump for Malaga, when you have The Malago Ballroom headlining a fine line-up at Crofters Rights? There aren’t many new bands that are likely to get you into as much of a lather as these energetic indie craftsmen. More here…

Head On + Martyrials + Backhand Jags – Old England

How often do you get a chance to satisfy your thirst for Greek post-punk on a Bristolian Sunday evening? Head On have a name that rather sums up their uncompromising, driving sound, as heard on 2018’s Ubik. On that album, they told us that ‘Life Seems Johnny Rotten.’ Whatever mundane tasks you may have lined up for Sunday, you could do worse than declaring ‘Never mind the bollocks,’ and heading to the Old England. More here…

Monday 2nd July


Veer – Old England

Lisbon dream-pop duo, Veer, recently released their very first single, ‘Mess.’ You’d be excused for expecting sonic chaos, more of a nightmare than blissful subconsciousness. What you actually get is a happy daze, sounding very much like Alvvays gone more shoegaze. Bring wild flowers in your hair. Wear something floaty. More here…

Tuesday 3rd July

Culture Abuse – Rough Trade

Like Modern Baseball jamming with MGMT, Culture Abuse’s recent track, ‘Bee Kind To The Bugs’ offers some common-sense wisdom on modern living. Lead singer and songwriter, David Kelling, tracks his move to LA on the new album, Bay Dream, examining the pursuit of ideals and the process of change. More here…

Wednesday 4th July


Bodega – Fleece

When you hear from festival-goers across the pond at SXSW and then at The Great Escape in Brighton that New York art-punks, Bodega are a show-stopping, scene-stealing, satirical shockwave of a band, it’s probably just best to give them their own headline show. Check out their recent BBC Maida Vale session and their recent album, Endless ScrollMore here…

Oddisee + Moonchild – Thekla

Sudanese-American MC, producer and musician, Oddisee released his most recent album The Iceberg in February 2017. It came equipped with the most piercing barbs, deservedly aimed at modern life’s many targets for criticism. Expect surges of tightly-composed verse and lines that will hone your conscience, as you can experience on ‘Like Really.’  More here…


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