You’re officially allowed to play Christmas tunes from midnight on Saturday. Not that you should, but it’s vaguely tolerable. Quite whether any of our Gigs of the Week are likely to lapse into a rendition of Cliff Richard’s ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ we cannot be certain, but we live in hope. That they won’t.

Thursday 29th November

Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean + Maya Folick – SWX

With tracks named ‘Twentytwo’, ‘I Was A Fool’ and ‘Crisis Fest’ from their last album, Sunflower Bean are likely to remind you of your tempestuous young adulthood, or give you a fair idea of what to expect in the next few years. Their forthcoming January EP is entitled King of the Dudes, carrying a pepped-up Madonna-meets-Prince swagger, as on ‘Come For Me’. More here…

Friday 30th November

Matt Maltese

Matt Maltese + Fur – Thekla

Matt Maltese cites his current output as ‘Brexit Pop’ (Farage Against The Machine? ‘With Or Without EU’?) He seeks to navigate the troubled waters of modern living with a sense of lyrical beauty. Getting Matt Maltese and Fur on the same ticket is definitely a ‘Two For The Price Of One’ effort. If you’re a habitual support-dodger, make sure you feel the FOMO. More here…

Kimbo Nice + Alexander Sun + Pocket Sun + Fiddlestix – Rough Trade

Donut Records presents a double-headliner to celebrate the launch of the shiny new cassette release featuring Kimbo Nice  and Alexander Sun. You’ll notice the inherent warmth and pleasantry contained within those two band names. They offer promising respite from the distinct chill in the air and in the national psyche with their sun-drenched guitar haze. More here…

Still Corners + Psychic Markers + Katy J Pearson – Louisiana

They were Still Corners when they formed in 2007, and they’re still Still Corners now. Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray released Slow Air earlier this year. Their psych-soaked dream-pop makes the air feel just that way – like the world has kindly taken its foot of the accelerator, and is still spinning, but no longer in a dizzying manner. More here…

Saturday 1st December

Hen Ogledd

Hen Ogledd + Glorias Navales – Brunswick

The Early Middle Ages haven’t spawned too many band names, nor have many ancient realms of Northern Britain and Southern Scotland. Each Hen Ogledd band member comes from different tribal regions of the Old North. Their third album, Mogic seeks to evoke ‘magic’ of the ancient world, but bring it alive in the era of Korg synths and ominous electric bass, as delivered on ‘Problem Child’. More here…

Daddy Issues + Paws + Herbal Tea – Louisiana

Nashville, Tennessee has provided the world with many a country music treat, but Daddy Issues have all the angst of a good country ballad with the thrum and bristle of grunge. They alternate headlining duty on this tour with Scottish alt-rockers, Paws. The title track of their most recent album, No Grace, has an unapologetic but forthright elegance of its own. More here…

Monday 3rd December

Gigs of the Week
Nadine Shah

Nadine Shah + Du Blonde – SWX

Last time Nadine Shah was in Bristol, she played The Downs Festival and lamented the fact that she was playing our fair city for the first time without the reassuring presence of Big Jeff (off larging it in more ways than one at EOTR). She dedicated 2016 to the aforementioned Bristol behemoth. Check out the best of British at SWX when they surely resume their gig symbiosis. More here…

Drahla + Leeches + Radiators – Crofters Rights

A band that forsakes London for West Yorkshire blatantly prefers wind and wuthering to hipstering in Hackney. Drahla are much more Heathcliff than Hampstead Heath in just how brooding their post-punk sound comes across. 2018 has been quite a year for British post-punk, and Drahla have rightly earned their place in its vanguard. More here…

Wednesday 5th December

Young Fathers

Young Fathers + Petite Noir – O2 Academy 

They’ve already played Trinity in 2018, owning the place so much that you’d almost believe that its name was to be rededicated to this potent triumvirate. Young Fathers have had a stellar 2018. Whilst the Mercury shortlist was welcomed with the enthusiasm of Black Friday adverts and the PM’s dance routines, Cocoa Sugar was one nominee that definitely didn’t raise eyebrows. More here…

DMAs + Rosborough – Anson Rooms

It’ll set you back time and money to see Sydney indie three-piece, DMA’s at The Anson Rooms on Wednesday. If you do invest both important aspects of life capital into being kind to your ear canals, then you’ll get to listen to ‘Time and Money’ from the album For Now which came out in April, so it was more obviously for then, but can still be enjoyed now. More here…

Juanita Stein

Juanita Stein – Hy-Brasil

At the start of ‘Get Back To The City’, on her August 2018 album Until The Lights Fade, Juanita Stein tells us, “Sometimes the cool girls end up with the assholes.” Safe in the knowledge that the former Howling Bells front-woman, and her emotive storytelling, qualify as ‘cool’, then it’s down to you who she ends up with at Hy-Brasil on Wednesday. Take your best self along. More here…

Pinegrove – Thekla

It’s been a while, but it’s a pleasure to see Pinegrove return to Bristol, post-hiatus. They return with new material, having released Skylight via Bandcamp in September. Sales of the album will go towards three charities: the Voting Rights Project, the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, and Musicares. The title track is truly cathartic. More here…


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