This week heralds June. Will it be ablaze or awash? May yours be joyful and may June’s tunes remind you consistently that you’re alive. 

Thursday 30th May

Rose Elinor Dougall
Rose Elinor Dougall

Rose Elinor Dougall + The Desert – Louisiana

This is likely to be one of those nights where you’re guaranteed to be simultaneously as present as you could ever be at a gig, whilst also feeling like a part of you has transported to a different dimension. Both Rose Elinor Dougall and The Desert cast sonic spells. 

Microwave + THC Dreams + Toodles & The Hectic Pity – Mothers Ruin

Atlanta post-hardcore quartet, Microwave are playing an intimate headline set at The Mothers Ruin. When you microwave something, it’s often steaming on the outside, but still cold at the core. Warmth and wit runs all the way through their emotive brand of indie-rock.

Friday 31st May

Still Corners
Still Corners

Still Corners – Rough Trade

The title of the last album by dream-pop duo, Still CornersSlow Air captures the easy-going essence of the band splendidly. Indeed if you form imagery of that, in conjunction with the name of the band, you won’t go far wrong in terms of how this show will feel. Maybe bring a deckchair.

Frank and Beans + Poisonous Birds + wych elm – Louisiana

Beyond the fun you can have researching the possible meanings of their name, you cn have plenty of fun losing your mind to the punk power of Belfast-via-Brighton duo, Frank and Beans. Fortune favours the brave, in that you get Poisonous Birds and wych elm into the bargain.

Saturday 1st June


Yola + Lady Nade – Fiddlers

As you know, Bristol’s got soul. Yola has one of the most powerful, yet subtle voices you’ll hear in 2019, which is turning out to be a massive breakthrough year, with the release of Walk Through Fire. All you need to do to see her is walk through Bedminster. Do it.

Sunday 2nd June

Methyl Ethel – Exchange

Triage is that thing they do at A&E departments when they assess who needs to be seen most urgently. Jake Webb, the leading force behind surrealist electro project, Methyl Ethel has made a recent album that is a whole lot more pleasing than sitting in A&E and takes a lot less time.

Monday 3rd June

Guerilla Toss – Crofters Rights

The whole thing with anything ‘guerilla’ is that it’s intended to be unexpected and impactful. Guerilla Toss may have been around since 2010, but the New York quintet can still be an energetic, out there assault on the senses with their well-curated chaos. 

Tuesday 4th June

Rosehip Teahouse
Rosehip Teahouse

Rosehip Teahouse + Don Juan + Way Back When + Because: Reasons – Louisiana

Cardiff’s Rosehip Teahouse began as the solo project of Faye Rogers, and has grown into a full band as more and more people,understandably, wanted to join in. Enjoy the light melancholy of The Sundays mixed with the pleasantly abrasive vocals of acts like Soccer Mommy.

Poly Gaze: Steve Strong + Mutant-Thoughts + SIN AMOR – Crofters Rights

Bristolian multi-instrumentalist, Steve Strong layers math- and prog-rock sounds that, to the ear, make you immediately assume that he’s playing with a full band. With locally-inspired compositions from his recent Turbo Island album, you’ll be scoring maximum Bristol points at Crofters Rights.

Plastic Mermaids – Rough Trade

Performing tracks from their debut full-length album, Suddenly Everyone ExplodesPlastic Mermaids play Rough Trade with their blend of everything that’s intoxicating about psych-rock. They’ll even sign your album if you queue up and ask nicely. Just when you thought there was too much plastic in this world…

Wednesday 5th June

Gigs of the Week
Pip Blom

Pip Blom + Hotel Lux – Louisiana

Wave after wave after wave of Pip Blom is the best way to test your emotional buoyancy. Inspired by the sea, their new release, Boat, harnesses the elemental power of water, be it in its overwhelming swells, or its captivating stillness. There’s a reason why people are getting so excited about this band.

Death Grips – Marble Factory

When you encounter a band that makes you say, “I haven’t a clue what I’ve just heard, but I like it,” it’s unusually pleasing. The noise-rap of Death Grips does just that, grappling with your synapses and creating lots of ‘WTF’ (‘Wow, that’s fantastic’) moments. 


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