If you hadn’t contemplated it yet, we implore you to give a bit of thought to Independent Venues Week, in whose midst we find ourselves now. There’s so much to celebrate in the independent spirit of so many of our venues and the independent promoters who fill them, keeping prices affordable, sometimes even making bands accessible for free. So many of Bristol’s stages have been starting points towards success. Why not make 2019 Independent Venues Year, keep our venues going strong and put the gentrifying developers back in their boxes?

Here’s the pick of this week’s gigs. Enjoy!

Thursday 31st January


Her’s + Tungz – Exchange

Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading play what has been described as ‘spectral wave’ or ‘jangle pop’. For fans of completely ignoring the genre categories, think lots of dreamy, sunny guitar lines, with a bass that has the energy and bounce of a cartoon labrador. Throw in some programmed backing beats and a ton of absurd humour and that’s Her’s summed up for you. More here…

Champagne Superchillin + Creatures + Some Bodies – Crofters Rights

Ah, oui? Le retro-pop Français? Super chic! When you look at the often-kitsch stylings of Champagne Superchillin, you might expect more frivolity than you actually get. Lead singer, Juliette Buchs, sings in her native French and there’s more than a hint of psychedelia, compelling you to do that wavy-arms dance you often get in silhouette at the start of Bond films. More here…

Friday 1st February

Air Waves

Air Waves + Katy J Pearson – Crofters Rights

Nicole Schneit of Air Waves has been a Warrior for so many years in so many ways, whether that be fighting for equal LGBTQ+ rights, fighting for truth in a world of murky narratives and honouring the bravery of her own mother facing up to cancer. There’s a resolute strength and a dignified beauty to Air Waves’ tracks like ‘Blue Fire’ and ‘Pieces’. More here…

Saturday 2nd February

Heavy Lungs

Heavy Lungs + JOHN – Louisiana

Name-checked in a prominent song on Joy As An Act Of Resistance and tattooed with IDLES’ band name, Danny Nedelko has undoubtedly planted a massive flag for Heavy Lungs on the surface of Planet Punk. Now is the time for us to see them in their own light and as a four-piece who can make their own headlines. This one’s a sell-out – probably a phrase they’ll get used to hearing. More here…

Ten Tonnes – Thekla

Ethan Barnett performs as Ten Tonnes. When you hear how breezy his indie-pop tunes come across, you might wonder where the heavy moniker comes from. You could argue it’s the angsty lyrics that underlie the sherbet and shimmy of the melodies. He’s from Hertford – just down the road from Declan McKenna, as much in the musical sense as in the geographical one. More here…

Jamie Cruickshank

Jamie Cruickshank + Emily Isherwood + Static Queen + Ellie Gray – Hours Space

Saturday sees the release of the debut EP on Breakfast Records, entitled Worn Through by Jamie Cruickshank. We’ve heard him in many guises before, including the punk of Human Bones and the slacker-rock of Gnarwhals, but in his acoustic-folk guise, there’s tenderness to be shared, especially in the intimacy of the Hours Space. Expect, sonically, to be warmed through. More here…

Free Cake For Every Creature + Slonk + Rosehip Teahouse – Rough Trade

Free cake. Free. Cake. As a phrase, it rather gets your attention. A marriage of two great things. The further idea that every creature can partake teems with endearing generosity. Free Cake For Every Creature will also provide you with lo-fi indie-pop that’s gentle, delicate and thoughtful. Katie Bennett’s lyrics and vocals see the wondrous and curious in the often-overlooked moments in life. More here…

Sunday 3rd February

Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr – Rough Trade

Calling a new album Stuffed & Ready so soon after Christmas might give a few people queasy flashbacks to the after-effects of seasonal over-indulgence. That said, Cherry Glazerr have always had the quality of charged energy, permanently on the edge of spilling out in some sort of lightning fork. Apocalipstick was feral. The new album promises to be more powerful in its contemplation, as signified by ‘Daddi’. More here…

Swearin’ + Woahnows + Dogeyed – Crofters Rights

There’s something reassuring about seeing the surname ‘Crutchfield’ associated with anything musical. Many people might leap to thoughts of Katie and Waxahatchee, but Swearin’ is the Philadelphia trio fronted by Alison Crutchfield. There was every sign that the band would go their separate ways on the album Fall Into The Sun, but after a break, they are back. Swearing may not be big or clever, but Swearin’ are. More here…

Chewing on Tinfoil + Toodles & The Hectic Pity – Exchange

Those times you take food off an oven tray, like a burger, and put it on your plate, not realising that the bottom of your food has taken some of the foil with it. Upon first bite, you’re Chewing on Tinfoil. The obvious comparison with the Dublin punk/ska/rock band of that name is that you end up getting far more than you initially expected, but in a most pleasing manner. These could become your favourite new band. More here…

Monday 4th February

Jerry Paper

Jerry Paper + Aldous RH + Ralph TV – Crofters Rights

Lucas Nathan, aka Jerry Paper, first made electronic music to try to get over the fact that he didn’t like electronic music. Yes, he is that kind of goofy contrarian. Listen to his lounge-jazz/synth-pop on 2018’s Like A Baby and you won’t know whether you’re supposed to picture a wonky wonderland or a dystopian-holiday-camp house-band Hell. Either way, a bag of cats would be more predictable. More here…

Tuesday 5th February

Ghetts – Thekla

At the forefront of Grime and British hip-hop for over a decade now, Ghetts has managed to stick to his more humble, emotive articulacy where others have strode on with aggressive swagger. You can hear it on last year’s Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament on tracks like ‘Window Pain’, in which he offers a complex portrayal of knife crime including the perspective of a helpless victim’s mother. More here…

Wednesday 6th February

Ian Sweet (Photo by Kelsey Hart)

Ian Sweet + Porridge Radio – Rough Trade

Do you collect anything? Stamps? Bottle tops? Beer mats? Dating disaster stories? Ian Sweet (the stage name of LA’s Jilian Medford) collects holographic Jesus posters and sticks them around her room, so they’re always moving in mysterious ways – as this artist no doubt does in her recordings. Alluringly strange, 2018’s Crush Crusher ought, like a holographic Jesus, to catch and hold your attention. More here…


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