What tunes for June? Do you feel the need to get more summery and chilled, or does the onset of the big, hot yellow thing in the sky just give you free rein to perspire without a care in the world? Christine and the Queens (sadly not playing Bristol this week) have championed the virtues of good, honest sweat recently. Clammy is the new cool. Damp is the new dapper.

Thursday 31st May

Spang Sisters

Spang Sisters + The Mantis Opera + BOSS – Mothers Ruin
You might be expecting something like Sister Sledge based on a name like Spang Sisters; you’d be miles wide of the mark. Five blokes from Bristol create plenty of slacker soul sounds with some elegant slumming along the way. Their track ‘Jenny’ repeatedly asks, “Won’t you get me on the guest list?” Make sure you can wangle your way in for this one (preferably by fair means, not foul). More here…

Elles Bailey + Demi Marriner – Tunnels
Bristol’s own Elles Bailey melds blues and Americana, with a smokin’ vocal that is a curious after-effect of a stay in hospital when she was young, but a musical blessing in disguise. When she sings on ‘Wildfire,’ you can hear a blaze and a smoulder underlying everything that she does. More here…

Crows + Sleep Eaters + Repo Man – Rough Trade
The collective noun for crows is ‘a murder.’ Apparently that was fixed upon when someone heard the brutal, killer punk sound of North London’s Crows. When you consider seeking to contain them in the intimate surroundings of Rough Trade’s Live Room, things are going to get intense on Thursday night. More here…

Friday 1st June

Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene – O2 Academy
If you’re still very much in the grasp of 2017’s Hug of Thunder album, then you’ll know just how much Canadian indie rockers, Broken Social Scene aren’t your average ensemble. If they sound like they’re making an overwhelming swell of noise, then it could be because of their uncompromising approach, or because there is a shedload of them on stage at any given time. More here…

Rookes + DIDI – Café Kino
On a double-headliner tour, we can get the best of both of these impressive performers. Rookes’ debut single, ‘The Heel of my Hand’ underlined her prowess as a soloist and multi-instrumentalist. DIDI’s punky, empowering art pop is exemplified on ‘Back Off,’ where a bad-mannered bloke gets told where to go in no uncertain terms. More here…

Loma – Rough Trade
Featured in this month’s magazine, Loma have successfully begun conveying their brooding sounds to an ever-wider audience. Emily Cross’ voice sounds like it is coming from a different realm, giving you a permanent sense of being privileged, if slightly spooked, to hear it. Be prepared for just how atmospheric this lot is. More here…

Saturday 2nd June

Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic Negrito + Miraculous Mule – Thekla
You don’t win NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest by accident. In the case of Oakland bluesman, Fantastic Negrito, you only need to feel the force of his storytelling, of his driving rock riffs and his growling, howling elemental vocals and you get why people have been drawn to his music. A night that progresses from ‘miraculous’ to ‘fantastic’ sounds likely to suffer from being over-hyped. Not this one. More here…

Thee MVPs + Radiators – Old England
If you’ve seen MVP: Most Valuable Primate, you’ll remember the irrepressible energies of an ice hockey-loving chimpanzee and the subsequent chaotic exploits, with hilarious consequences. Whereas the film is actually bloody awful, what it does have in common with London garage-punks, Thee MVPs, is that sense of utter mayhem and carefree abandon that you’ll delight in dancing through at the Old England on Saturday. More here…

Tuesday 5th June

Gigs of the Week
Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett + Loose Tooth – O2 Academy
For someone who frequently sounds like she needs a nap, a hug or a strong cup of tea, Courtney Barnett’s songs couldn’t be more sharp, thoughtful and witty. To those who labour through anxiety and self-doubt, her lyrics can be reassurance that you can be unsure of yourself and still create things of beauty. To those who simply love her observational acumen and slacker-rock stylings she’s a melancholic waft of fresh air. More here…

Wednesday 6th June

A Tribute to Scott Hutchison – Kingsdown Vaults
Just under a month since the death of Scott Hutchison, Dave Huntriss is curating a night of Frightened Rabbit covers at The Kingsdown Vaults to celebrate the much-loved creations of this much-missed songwriter. You’re heartily encouraged to sing your head off with other Frabbit lovers and to keep the dialogue about mental health going. More here…


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