No Brexit? Hard Brexit? Soft Brexit? Flexibrexit? Sexy Brexit? Complexit? Tex-Mexit? T-Rexit? Dontvexit? Hexit? Whatever your standpoint, music makes the people come together. Keep smiling. Here are our Gigs of the Week.

Thursday 6th December

DUDS (Photo by Rowan Allen)

Duds – Rough Trade

When Duds played Exchange in January, the news broke that Mark E Smith had died. There was an uncanny sense at the time of how Duds embody the ethos of their geographically-similar forbears – post-punk, on-the-wonk, angular Mancunians doing what they bloody well want and gathering a devoted following for doing so. More here…

Hanya + Gork + Kate Stapley – Hy-Brasil

The EP, I Used To Love You, Now I Don’t by Brightonian duo, Hanya has been out on Leisure Records a couple of weeks, but it gets its proper launch celebration on Thursday. Led lead track, ‘Radio’ reel you in with its slow, stern, mesmerising shoegazey incantation at Hy-Brasil this week and see if you don’t thank yourself for the favour. More here…

Gigs of the Week
Cousin Kula

Cousin Kula + Joe Probert – Louisiana

Interviewed in our December edition, Cousin Kula have been hard at work behind the scenes, writing new music. The first evidence of that, ‘Jelly Love’, is out there now and putting a psych-pop warm chill into the Decemberish winter of the soul. Check out the opening bars of that track and imagine The Clangers at Woodstock. Far out, man. More here…

Friday 7th December

Haze (Photo by Rowan Allen)

Haze + The Mysterines + The Shuks – Louisiana

They’re four men from Bristol that sing about ‘Ladz, Ladz, Ladz’. Haze may be unruly gentlemen on a label called ‘Hate Hate Hate’, but in the finest 2018 punk/post-punk tradition, they raise pertinent questions of what it means to be generally sentient/ ‘living and yet partly living’ in the 21st Century. Spiky, bristly, prickly, tricksy – Haze by name, sharp by nature. More here…

Etta Bond + Mercy’s Cartel + Chikaya – Rough Trade

“How many times have you pictured me naked?” says Etta Bond at the start of ‘Let Me Hit It’. Imagine the combo of someone saying that and the fact that on the video, she’s also holding a takeaway pizza box. Enticing via those two aspects alone, there’s plenty more to discover about her at Rough Trade on Friday night. More here…

Saturday 8th December

Muncie Girls
Muncie Girls (photo by Martyn Christian)

Muncie Girls + Neurotic Fiction + Witching Waves + Toodles and the Hectic Pity – Exchange

If you take IDLES’ word for it, then we haven’t too much to thank Exeter for, but if you listen to Muncie Girls and their blistering indie distinction of 2018’s Fixed Ideals, then you’ll be immensely glad you did. You’d think that Exeter is almost the new Bristol. We can claim them as having local provenance, coming as they do from the mighty Specialist Subject Records. More here…

Wax Music 5th Birthday – Rough Trade

Our esteemed friends at Wax Music are celebrating a fifth birthday, and instead of softplay and a shop-bought Paw Patrol cake, they’re gracing their big day with Hotel Lux, Yowl, Squid, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Sock, Private World and Lazarus Kane at Rough Trade. It’s only gone and bloody sold out. No birthday tantrums here. More here…

Monday 10th December


Mabel + Ruel – O2 Academy

Being Neneh Cherry’s daughter can’t be a bad way to get a foot in the door, but you have to have a lot more going for you than insistent and sturdy toes to secure collaborations with the likes of Jax Jones and Stefflon Don. Mabel steps out of the collaborator’s shoes into the spotlight for this headline tour. It’s R&B, but it’s so infectious that it’s even R&B for people who don’t like R&B. More here…

The Desert + Ålesund + Chaz Thorogood – Crofters Rights

A Bristol band steeped in the heritage of Portishead and Massive Attack couldn’t do too much more to make it into Gigs of the Week just on description alone, but The Desert certainly justify a place on the strength of their atmospheric grandeur. They have a new EP in the pipeline, and they have Ålesund in support at The Crofters Rights. Double joy. More here…


Beak> + Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs + Slagheap – Fiddlers

You’ve seen Bristol’s homeless. There are many of them. Local heroes, Beak> present ‘Give A Shit Christmas’, with the emphasis on ‘Give A Shit’, rather than ‘Shit Christmas’, raising money for charities the Wild Goose Centre and Feed The Homeless. It has sold out, unsurprisingly, but you can still give, be it a metaphorical shit or a compassionate Yuletide donation. More here…

Deaf Radio + Cracked Machine + Catabasis – The Lanes

Greece have done societal unrest and austerity for a while, so visitors to The Lanes will find the dystopian lyrics of Athens rockers, Deaf Radio to be somewhat familiar in a modern British context. Their sound can be ominous in its heaviness, yet have moments of calm beauty that pre-empts the next stormy outbreak. This is music to rattle your bones. More here…

Wednesday 12th December


Blossoms + Whenyoung + Fuzzy Sun – O2 Academy

Stockport’s Blossoms blossomed five years ago and flourished further with their debut, self-titled Mercury-nominated album. Early signs this year were that they were getting along in the vein of other well-known Greater Manchester musical outfits, when Tom Ogden and Joe Donovan fell out big time on Twitter. Rumours of a split proved false and turned out to be great promo for 2018’s impressive Cool Like You. More here…


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