Remember that it’s still officially summer until the 22nd, so any sense of ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ ought to be replaced with taking our Gigs of the Week in a joyous embrace. With a season of brain drain kicking off on the tellybox between now and Christmas, make whichever season we’re in strictly about great live music.

Thursday 6th September

Peking Duk

Peking Duk – Exchange
Australian duo, Peking Duk, have more drama than a whole series of Home And Away. Just one watch of their spaghetti-western-inspired video to ‘Reprisal’, with its Tarantino stylings, gives you a hint of the dynamism that you can expect on stage. They sold out London’s KOKO last year. Their show at Exchange promises to be a blast. More here…

Amen Dunes + Cut Worms – Thekla
Amen Dunes head for Thekla, wielding their finest album so far in ‘Freedom’. Damon McMahon’s vocals are more prominent than they’ve ever been and their indie rock essence has been couched in some fine and luxurious ambient electronic sound for this most recent work. Over ten years and five albums in, Amen Dunes just get better. More here…

Friday 7th September

Hannah Trigwell

Hannah Trigwell + Cassa Jackson + Bashema – Louisiana
Hurray for YouTube. Alright, it gave us the Baby Shark song and similar parasitic earworms, but it has also given some excellent artists their first big platform. Hannah Trigwell has gone from busking in Leeds to chart-topping in Vietnam and Laos, as well as supporting an array of top performers. Her debut album, Red, is out now. More here…

Nicholson Heal Album Re-Launch + Jamie Cruickshank + Swallow Cave + Flat Rufus – Exchange
It’s a bit of a swine to try and play instruments that require electrical amplification during a power cut (in the dark). Nicholson Heal’s album launch got past THREE and TWO on the support-band countdown, but the locality went off-grid, preventing lift-off. Second time lucky; first album; no entry fee. Be there. More here…

Sunday 9th September

Matt Hollywood and the Bad Feelings

Matt Hollywood and the Bad Feelings – Lanes
Former member of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Matt Hollywood brings some of that band’s sure-footed tripping into whatever sound he explores. Their latest self-titled album opens with ‘Carl Sagan’, rich with shades of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Primal Scream. They might be labelled Matt Hollywood and The Bad Feelings, but from them come some good vibrations. More here…

Ravetank + Bruno Chávez + ZGTC – Old England
I like the hypothetical scenario that in 2030, the acid house generation will be going to aqua aerobics classes called ‘Ravetank’ at the local pool, keeping fit in dayglo budgie smugglers to Frankie Knuckles tunes. For now, you can get the absurdist noise-folk of Bath’s Ravetank to float your boat. More here…

Frontier Ruckus – Canteen
Detroit trio, Frontier Ruckus are capable of making the most mellifluous of disturbances, often with subtly riotous lyrics. With elements of Kings of Convenience and a bit of Teenage Fanclub, they can do delicate intensity in the most aurally pleasing manner. Their new album, ‘Enter The Kingdom’ is certainly a vinyl frontier you ought to explore. More here…

Monday 10th September


Imarhan – Thekla
Imarhan released their second album, Temet, in February. The album beefs up the polyrhythms and pentatonic scales of the desert blues sound pioneered by the legendary Tinariwen, creating a funkier, dancefloor-ready and 6Music-playlisted sound, confirming that all music is world music. More here…

Princess Chelsea – Rough Trade
If all your Chelsea-related entertainment so far has come from ‘reality’ TV or Sky Sports, then it’s time for a shake-up. Chelsea Nikkel takes a 60s-influenced sound that could be mainstream and Slacker-rock and odd-pop coincide compellingly in Princess Chelsea’s work. Catch her at Rough Trade on Monday night. More here…

Tuesday 11th September

Soccer Mommy
Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy + Brooke Bentham – Thekla
A soccer mommy sounds like someone who stands on the pitch side loudly cheering everything her little treasure does, haranguing the hapless referee and possibly then monopolising the process of making post-match refreshments. Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy is no such nightmare. Her recent album, Clean, is often anything but its title, and all the stronger for it. More here…


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