The Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition has blessed us with winners like Declan McKenna and She Drew The Gun. 2019’s winner isn’t quite evident yet, but to state the thrillingly, bleedingly obvious, the list of exciting prospects declared yesterday does contain the winner somewhere within. From the thousands of applicants, judges have whittled it down to ninety acts, eight of whom will compete in the live final in Pilton at the end of April for a chance to appear on the bill in late June.

We had the pleasure and privilege of taking part in that judging process, and going forward to the longlist at our behest are Lazy Day, Lilith Ai and Kid Kapichi. Best of luck to those three and all the shortlisted acts, which include local faves, Haze and Cousin Kula.

Here’s what we had to say about our three choices for the longlist:

“There’s so much going on in a Lazy Day song; it’s like you’re getting several gigs, for the price of one, at the same time. The richness of Tilly Scantlebury’s vocals and the effervescence of the whole band make them a joyous unit. ‘Weird Cool’ is what Lazy Day embody.”

“If you don’t hear ‘Warrior Queen’ by Lilith Ai and immediately envisage bouncing up and down in a field in rural Somerset, holding your beverage of choice, then you really should make an appointment with your GP. It’s catchy, empowering and includes the phrase “resting bitch face.” This. Screams. Summer.”

“This is ‘stop what you’re doing and listen’ music. Kid Kapichi remind you of that kid at school who was perfectly lovely, but you didn’t want to see him get angry. Their alt-rock takes pot shots at fat cats and posh toffs. Their soul is punk. The Kids are alright.”

See the full longlist and Glastonbury ETC’s SoundCloud playlist of so many splendid emerging talents here.