Goan Dogs // Photoset

February 19th | Louisiana

This was one of those shows that underlines how strong Bristol’s very own bands can be. Pocket Sun harmonised smoothly to create an ethereal atmosphere, spreading a soothing energy across the room and really drawing the crowd into their set. You could easily lose track of time and float away with their music.

When Goan Dogs hit the stage, you couldn’t resist being entranced. Their sound was a potent mix of psychedelia/country and blues, with no shortage of catchy melodies. Their newer songs, including latest single ‘Anxiety’ went down a treat and showed the range of styles this band can put out. Above and beyond their sound, their stage presence made them eminently watchable, even the bassist hiding in the shadows in the corner. They held the audience from the moment they hit the stage, right the way through to the last note and put on a performance to make their home town proud.

See the video for ‘Anxiety’ here: