30th October | Thekla

“I think it’s almost impossible to avoid that when you live in a place like London, or if you live in a city that’s ever-changing and gentrifying. You don’t really have a sense of control. And so with music, it’s the ultimate control.” Lottie Pendlebury – vocalist and guitarist of Goat Girl – stated in an interview back in June, pondering over whether their music is definitively political. As the band proved with their first full-length record, the self-titled release through Rough Trade, they could effortlessly take control of their own place within an ever-politically-charged climate and assuredly express their impression of it all, with power and clarity.

This doesn’t mean that Goat Girl’s music is overtly political, more socially relevant. It’s gritty and wholly forthright, using sharp-witted commentary to conduct their often eerie and foreboding sound. They sway seamlessly between malignant rock n roll jabs and callous, inebriated murmurs, thriving under a deliberately blurred sound rather than stagnating under a single genre.

It’s translated into their live show well, the inclusion of extra members enhancing their performance and emboldening the daunting atmosphere that lurks within their sound. This date at Thekla just before Halloween may give you the creeps, most importantly about the world we live in.

See Goat Girl perform ‘The Man’ on Later With Jools Holland here: