8th April | Rough Trade

Enough has been said about Goat Girl‘s origins and not nearly enough about what they actually have to say. Having formed around The Windmill in South London, with friends Shame and Madonnatron amongst others, the four-piece were quickly thrown into the spotlight upon the release of their AA-Single. They were snapped up by Rough Trade pretty much straight off the back of it.

Now that their first full-length is about to be released, the time has hopefully arrived for Goat Girl to receive the acclaim they deserve, in particular for the ingenuity they show within their music and the passion they possess for being open and opinionated. From the off, Goat Girl proved they weren’t afraid to be brazen, satirical and actually quite enlightening. “Tied to your pale ales, bite off your nationalist nails, we’re coming for you, please do fear.”

They are a voice for the disgusted, yet still enthusiastic few who have to navigate the mistakes of a baffling majority, who in turn have been shepherded by the lies and deceit of the elite. They do this with an ever-progressive musical aesthetic, never settling into a stagnant rhythm and delivering their work live with self-depreciating humility. Their set at Rough Trade will be an eye-opening introduction to an increasingly interesting group.

See the video for ‘The Man’ here: