Gorgeous Bully are a consistent joy, one of those that return time and time again with something different to say and a progressive way of channelling their most inner feelings into something cathartic. Take new single, ‘Patience’, a forthright, succinctly sharp track that Thomas Crang states was written, “when I was at my lowest, watching everyone around me growing and developing”. It’s intentionally bleak immediacy is slowly nurtured into blossoming hope, the repeated refrain of “I’ll get mine” an admittance that times have been hard, but there’s no way in hell you are going to give up. It’s easily one of the band’s most essential works, encompassing all manner of melancholy and yearning into a surprisingly positive outburst.

Heading down to Bristol this Saturday, the group will celebrate with a free single release show at The White Rabbit alongside Breakfast Records, who are releasing their forthcoming record later in the year. Joining them are three of Bristol’s finest in emotionally-invested guitar pop, with the wonderful Breakfast house band, Langkamer, noisy trio, Gosa Vadd and the emphatic, Dogeyed all playing on the night. It’s a hearty line-up, the sort of show that will leave you feeling impassioned and affected.

Listen to ‘Patience’ here: