16th November | Crofters Rights

Gork are one of the most memorable bands that you’ll ever see – even if you’ve seen a lot of bands. I stumbled across them during Breakfest late in the summer. It was a day-long event organised by Breakfast Records designed to showcase the talent on their label. All clad in oversized suits, suspenders and general ‘Ian from Human Resources’ attire, they were loud, bashful and unapologetic. One of their finest moments was their song about how great Berlin is, with the hook of “jumping on the U-Bahn” and the chorus proclaiming how it’s still legal to smoke indoors.

Describing themselves as ‘crappy punk rock’, Gork will be pulling out all the stops for their upcoming EP launch. Their music lies between punk, alt-rock and balls-to-the-wall banter; their lyrics are playful and should leave you in stitches.

Support will be coming from the ferocious Grandma’s House, a three-piece who have the lungs and power of a mighty machine. Joining them will also be the jaunty Twisted Ankle. Expect punk noise and aggressive bass twang. Hopefully there won’t be any literally twisted ankles from the melée. No one wants to end up in A&E on a Saturday night.

It will be nothing shy of a pantomime, with on-stage camaraderie cranked up to max.