9th March | Benjamin Perry Scout Hut

Should you feel the need to stock up on good spirits before Brexit, the Benjamin Perry Scout Hut may be the place this Saturday. A potent concentration of local talent will be tying up their neckerchiefs and throwing a party in a small harbourside boat hut to mark the latest release by off-kilter local punks, Gork.

Refusing to take themselves seriously, even with guns to their heads, the band have teamed up with Breakfast Records and support act, The Gnarwhals to put on an event which should be as riotous as it will be ridiculous. The close confines of the 50-capacity venue will give the sold-out crowd little choice but to join in with the fun and party games, as they christen new release ‘SPOONS’.

There’s likely to be little let-up from either band, with supporting skate-rockers, Gnarwhals providing the first punch of this two-band one-two. They will gleefully drag you off to a Californian house party sometime around the early 80s, with songs like ‘Pool House’ and ‘Tequila’ giving you a cheeky push into the pool.

As for the headliners, they’re a multi-limbed tour de force. Last year’s single, ‘Gunk’ was one of our 2018 highlights, daydreaming through its morning routine before punching out amidst a fuzzed-up wall of sound. Even if you’re not fortunate enough to make it down on Saturday, I highly recommend you check them out in time to greet their upcoming release.

Listen to ‘Gunk’ by Gork here: